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Taxonomies Filter Widget is a robust but powerful WordPress plugin that creates a widget which acts as a filter for your categories, tags, taxonomies and numerical custom fields. Visitors will then be able to do faceted searches on your site to filter posts and pages by taxonomies and numerical custom fields, using drop-downs, checkboxes, radio buttons, multiselect and range sliders. While built especially for sites with a variety of categories, custom taxonomies and custom posts (eg: shops, directories, tutorials, job boards or listings), this plugin will also do a great job at filtering the WordPress posts and pages by categories, tags and even post format. Check a video demonstration here or use the live preview to see it in action.

WooCommerce demo using this plugin to filter products by multiple categories and by a price range slider!

You can filter:

  • Regular posts, Pages and Custom Posts

By the following:

  • Categories, Tags, Taxonomies , Numerical Custom Fields

Using any of these:

  • Dropdowns, checkboxes, radio buttons, select multiple, text inputs, range sliders


  • Create your own faceted search in seconds !
  • Query multiple taxonomies and custom fields at once. And fast!
  • (new) Range sliders for numerical custom fields (price, weight, height, age etc.) that work simultaneously with other filtering elements!
  • Drill down, hierarchical navigation (eg: countries,states,cities,counties,towns)
  • Simple, drag and drop filter ordering in admin interface.
  • Blends in nicely with your theme by default.
  • Specify for each category or taxonomy, the display mode: dropdown, select multiple, checbox or radio buttons.
  • Possibility to also add a search input to your filter.
  • Unlimited instances of the widget, each with its own settings.
  • Works with any kind of page, post type, category or custom taxonomy.
  • You can hide the empty terms and choose either to hide or display counters for each one.
  • Dynamically updates term counts based on the current search.
  • Supports both WooCommerce and e-Commerce.
  • Now with an auto-submit option and custom field range slider!
  • It works with WordPress 3.6 “Oscar”!
  • It takes less than 30 seconds from install to a full search filter for your WordPress site!

Changelog V2.0

- Added support for numerical custom fields, either input boxes (From - To) or jQuery range sliders;
- Added the possibility to choose the template handling the filtered results; you can use an existing one or create your own and specify the file name in plugin's settings;
- All the filtering is now done by using existing WordPress functions already optimized for speed;
- Moved all the settings to a settings page (Settings/Taxonomies Filter);
- Removed some unnecessary CSS and added more code comments to make it easier to be modified;

Most of these were requested by buyers so please, if you have a request, mention it and I will gladly get back to you. If your request meets the purpose of this plugin, I will do my best to implement it.

What are the customers saying?

I have already thanked you privately but I just wanted to do it in a public forum because your support is so incredible, and your plugin is terrific. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! – creatorofstuff
If you have a serious commerce site with lots of products YOU NEED this plugin. Anytime you have a large product catalog, the most challenging issue is offering customers a multitude of ways to slice and dice it so that they can get to what they want. Taxonomies Filters does that! And the search feature is super-powerful in that it offers a way to search within the context of the filter. So let’s say you sell shoes … and now the customer has drilled down to Sportswear and Sneakers. Now within Sneakers they are looking for Laced or Velcro types. They can just enter “Laced” or “Velcro” in the Taxonomies Filter search field and get the results within the context of the current view (Sportswear and Sneakers) - that is Super-Powerful and cannot be done with the header search field. – J. Tar
Everything is perfect!!! Thanks for your 5* support! – axolotl11
Fantastic plugin, and awesome support! – udapud
Thank you very much for your great support. 5 stars! – roie1


I’ll do my best to provide free support and to assist if you have any questions related to this plugin. For general questions, please use the comments section so other people will benefit from the answer too, as for more specific ones, please feel free to use the contact form on my profile or the email mentioned in plugin’s documentation.