SwinxyTouch - jQuery Pointers & Gestures Library

SwinxyTouch is an jQuery multi-touch pointer and gesture library designed with compatibility, performance, ease of use and extensibility in mind.

At its core SwinxyTouch normalises touch and mouse events and exposes them as sxy-focus, sxy-blur, sxy-hover, sxy-down, sxy-up, sxy-move. These events are then utilised to create all the most common gestures and some extra helpers to aid in varying situations.

Whats sets SwinxyTouch apart?

  • Modular design lets you easily package just what you need for a tiny file size and excellent performance.
  • Take advantage of the modular design and clear code to easilly create your very own gestures and helpers.
  • Mouse and Touch events are hooked on an as needed basis, eg. if you only use sxy-tap then the resource intensive touchmove and mousemove events are never used greatly improving performance.
  • Events are automatically unbound, eg. if you stop listening on ‘sxy-drag’ any resources and hooks which can be released will be to ensure performance does not degrade over time.
  • No messing or overwriting of the global space with registered events and public interfaces namedspace’d under ‘sxy’ to prevent conflicts with 3rdparty scripts and future browser changes.


  • Works in all major browsers including IE6
  • Tested in mobile browsers on multiple mobile devices to ensure performance.

Files Supplied

Combined and minified source for quick installation and minimal download. Seperate directory with unminified modular files for modification or custom gestures and helpers.

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