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I just discovered a major issue. When Woocommerce plugin is activated, your plugin still works, but it is not available on the admin to change the settings or look at users, it vanishes from the menu, but If disable Woocommerce plugin, then your plugin shows again. PLEASE provide a solution as soon as possible,

you got it. Thank you so much. I will look into this. I appreciateit.

By the way, I am trying to set up a hover over color on the submit button, but it doesn’t work, can you please assist?

Hover color is calculated automatically. You cant change it, unfortunately.

Hi there, is this plugin still supported? Compatible with WordPress 4.3.1? I sent you a PM, I am bit nervous as it was last updated in January…

And what’s the difference between this plugin and the other ‘Subscribe & Download Add-On + Layered Popups’?

I need a ‘terms and conditions’, as I want to offered free downloads. I am also thinking of using AS3, are the links expiry configurable with the plugin?

Thank you, alkhor

“Subscribe & Download Add-On + Layered Popups” works with AS3. On Settings page you can set how long AS3 link valid (in hours). During validity period the link can be used many times.

Ah, I see… So basically the link can still be shared within those hours. Ideally the link would expire within minutes, and you could allow how many times you can download/click on the link. That’s what I have seen with the shopping cart I mentioned above.

Does “Subscribe & Download Add-On + Layered Popups” also support encrypted links (non AS3), like ‘Subscribe & Download’?

BTW: I have an idea for a plugin, where can I contact you?


Before purchasing I’d just like to confirm. I have about 6 separate download PDF’s that I’d like my customers to download and provide their information. Is it possible to have all 6 separate forms or will this only work for just one?

Also, is there an option to add more text fields? I’d like to submit my information over to mailchimp.

You can have 6 identical forms (one for each file). You can’t add new fields. If you want to use different forms I recommend you to use Layered Popups (inline mode) + Subscribe & Download Add-On.

Thank you for this. Also, I have PDF’s that expire one week after downloading and already have this function created in my regular PHP script. How hard do you think this would be to integrate into your plugin? Just looking for insight, thanks!


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Hi there, I have activated your plugin and all is working! However, when I test to receive the email, the link the email is not clickable – I have to copy and paste in separate window. Is there a way to make this clickable?

Hi. Insert it as regular HTML link:
<a href="{download_link}">Bla-bla-bla</a>

bmangan Purchased

Great, thank you so much!