STRIPE - A lightweight menu plugin for WordPress

STRIPE - A lightweight menu plugin for WordPress - CodeCanyon Item for Sale


‘Stripe’ is a simple 2-level menu plugin for WordPress, designed to add a little life to your site’s header. Once activated, the menu will scroll along with the page so it would be visible at all times, making it a great place to insert important links to.
‘Stripe’ does not replace or affect your theme’s current menu(s). Instead, it is an effective addition that can be used to highlight certain posts or pages on your site, house your social links, or even serve as a location to place e-mail and/or phone call buttons to. With a huge amount of icons to choose from, its uses are many.

STRIPE customer testimonials

As folks who’ve already purchased Stripe can attest to, we take good care of our customers. In fact, we’ll take a step back here and let them do the talking:


  • animated 2-level menu
  • Add to any theme
  • Choose from over 350 icons
  • Add as few or many menu items as you’d like
  • Ability to override the main menu and create post- and page-specific menus
  • Fully responsive all the way down to mobile screens
  • Use of icon set means every pixel will look as sharp as it possibly can on retina screens
  • Using the built-in WordPress customization tools, customize the following colors to anything you’d like:
    • icon color
    • icon hover color
    • text label color
    • background color
    • background hover color
    • divider color


UPDATE 1.6 (January 22, 2014)
- Stripe can now be customized using the built-in WordPress color customization tools
- Updated icon set to latest version
- When WordPress toolbar is active, it no longer overlaps with Stripe
- fixed issue where the Stripe menu possibly didn't show up on a category page
- Updated icon set to Font Awesome 4. Please note: if you have a previous version of Stripe and update to 1.4, you'll need to re-enter your menu icons (FontAwesome 4 was a major overhaul that changed the way its icons are entered; still, it won't take more than a minute to update your icons; look at the updated documentation for info on how to make the changes).
- added ability to override the main menu and create post- and page-specific menus
- updated documentation accordingly
- Updated icon set to latest version
- The plugin now supports sub-menus

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