Stock Market Game - Standalone Version

Stock Market Game - Standalone Version - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

UPDATE 5.0 9/16/2013

  • We have rewritten the way the system gets its stock information! No more downloading CSV’s from Yahoo Finance
  • Stock information is under 2 minute old from tickers!
  • Uses 80% less resources during cron updates, because of the new system
  • Added a past trades portfolio page
  • Fixed some achievement bugs, and styling issues
  • Added a dedicated admin panel (Which will be updated in the future, right now it only shows users in the system)

UPDATE 4.1 7/19/2013

Fixed issues relating to stocks that cost under a penny
Fixed rankings page issues

UPDATE 4.0 7/8/2013

Finally the new version is here! We have rewritten the entire code base from the floor up and are excited to finally get this version out. The major core changes are

Twitter connect has been removed, due to twitters new api changes we cant find a streamlined way to use it anymore

In the old version users bought stock from yahoo and then sold them from yahoo but the price displayed was from the database. We have revamped this process so that the user buys and sells from the database, if the stock does not exist it will add it to the database and still function from the database

The new system is much more streamlined and faster, we have cut the database queries almost in half!

What is it?

After releasing our Viral Stock Market Game for facebook, we had many requests to release a standalone version as well…HERE IT IS.

Update 3-17-13

The great IE fix update
Redid all styles so that it actually works in IE
Redid all JavaScript to fix jquery IE errors

Update 2-28-13

Fixed some errors that occurred on shared hosting – If you were getting an error where PHP was not parsing then download this update, otherwise the version your using currently is fine.

Update 2-5-13

Added manual registration and login as per requests.
Added profile image upload for website registered users
Made math functions much simpler

  • Real time stock data from Yahoo Finance
  • Facebook Login
  • Twitter Login
  • Full achievement center, 6 achievement levels with over 30 achievements!
  • Admin panel with basic information
  • Member ranking system to make it competitive