Stock Manager Advance with Point of Sale Module

Stock Manager Advance with Point of Sale Module

Stock Manager Advance is php based web application that help you to manage your stock. Update stock, purchase and sales from anywhere, Office, Home, Warehouse or on the go. You only need internet connection for it.

Stock Manager Advance has built-in Invoice and Inventory System. Invoice System has Tax and Discounts. These will be really helpful to apply taxes and discounts automatically and the ability to generate invoice from quotation.

Responsive Theme with 3 styles, Calender to add events and daily/month sales and tax amounts. Advance and Improved reports for Overview, Stock Value per warehouse, custom sales and purchase reports.

Now you can manage multiple warehouses with Stock Manager Advance.

Re-designed the POS Module for better Performance, User Interface and Usability.

Languages for RC3

Only English and Spanish are available with current version and more languages will be added soon. You can translate it to your language, please check help folder in your download.

Languages for V2.3

Currently, the following languages are available (Fully or Partially) .
English, French, Indonesia, Thai, Spanish, Romanian, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, European Portuguese and Czech.
If you need to add your own language that will be very easy too.

Live Demo and Login details:

Beta V3:


Role: username / password
Owner: / 12345678
Admin: / 12345678
Purchasing staff: / 12345678
Sales staff: / 12345678
Viewer only user: / 12345678

Live Demo Credentials No Free Support Requirements Installation Note

Change log

Update RC3.0.1.1 (23rd June 2015)

+ Added expenses to Today's & Register sales
+ Add expense prefix and auto reference no
* Fixed list products table issue
* Fixed login captcha issue
* Fixed Sync error after update from v2.3
+ Added serial number input for sales report
* Fixed smtp email issue
+ Added custom fileds in product import by csv
* Fixed error on damage product list

Update RC3.0.1 (15th June 2015)

* Added Award Point
* Added Simple Expenses Module
* Add Inventory Accounting (FIFO/LIFO/AVCO)
* You can add your own themes or different view files
* New user interface design to ease many tasks with RTL languages support.
* Ability to add new user groups
* Ability to add new customer groups
* Custom module permissions for user groups
* Added gift card features
* Multiple delete option for inventories, products, quotations, sales and transfers.
* Notifications Module
* Email protocol options (mail, sendmail and smtp)
* Multiple currencies (for front-end that will be added after this release)
* Products Module
  + Improved barcode feature and attached barcode symbology to product
  + Improved barcode/label printing feature
  + Duplicate product option
  + Product racks/locations
  + Product Image Gallery
  + Ability to set the images/thumbnails size
  + Ability to add watermark to product images
  + Attach tax rate with product
  + Tax method to add tax inclusive/exclusive to the price and cost
  + Attach multiple supplier to product
  + Option for product expiry date while purchasing the stock
  + Option to add/edit product quantity on add/edit product page
  + Product variants with quantity tacking
* Users Module
  + Assign users a warehouse and biller
  + Own sales/quotations/purchases/transfers restrictions for users
* Customers Module
  + Option to select customer group (to manage different selling rates)
  + Re-structured the module to add users to customer company (front-end that will be added after this release)
  + You can add customer group in settings to assign different product price to customer.
* Suppliers Module
  + Re-structured the module to add users to supplier company (front-end that will be added after this release)
* Sales Module
  + New add/edit page design
  + Ability to add manual product to order list
  + Ability to sell gift cards
  + Ability to get paid by gift cards
  + Ability to edit the product price on sale page
  + Instant discount (add percentage or fixed discount to order and/or any product)
  + Warehouse code/name/address on invoice
  + Return sales and issue refunds
  + Record payments to sale (full/partial with any no of payments)
  + Add payment terms (No of pending payment days before the sale marked as due)
  + Sale status (pending/completed)
  + Payment status (pending/due/partially paid/fully paid))
  + Email invoices with payment buttons (Paypal and Skrill)
* Reports Module
  + Improved old reports
  + Added product expiry alerts
  + Added payments report
  + Added profit and loss report
  + Added customer report
  + Added supplier report
  + Added staff report
  + Add register report
* Settings Module
  + Manage user groups and permissions
  + Manage customer groups
  + Manage currencies
  + Added option to upload map for warehouses
  + Added option to upload images for categories and sub categories
  + Added email templates (set email message in WYSIWYG editor)
  + Added option to add tax code
* POS Module
  + Add Item by Barcode scanner and code/name suggestion
  + Ability to add manual product to order list
  + Ability to sell gift cards
  + Ability to edit the product price on sale page
  + Instant discount (add percentage or fixed discount to order and/or any product)
  + Rounding to nearest 0.05
  + Option to add comment
  + Record multiple payments to sale
  + Payment Gateways (Paypal Pro and Stripe) for Credit Card Payment Processing
  + Added Qz Printing Plug-in (Java Applet) to print and open cash drawer
  + Added swipe credit card input
  + Sell gift cards
  + Pay by gift card
  + Delete item restriction for staff

Update v2.3 (26th December 2013)

* Fixed/added the following:
* Added RTL Languages support.
* Product barcode sheet and label printing pages.
* Added product details field to display product details on invoice/quotes.
* Option to attach tax rate to product.
* Option to skip product from alerts (non track able products).
* Added sale restriction to not add sale if product is out of stock in selected warehouse.
* Added tax rate to purchased products
* Improve transfer products.
* Added option to use calendar as shared/private.
* Fixed all known errors/bugs in v2.2.1

Update v2.2 (20th November 2013)

* Fixed/added the following:
* Special Thanks to Daniel Ehrhardt, Dung Pham and Evren COMERT.
* Fixed Chart for warehouse stock values
* Improved product listings
* Fixed all known bugs/errors in v2.1.3

Update v2.1.3 (18th September 2013)

* Fixed/added the following:
* Added delete damage product
* Improved suspend sale for POS Module
* Fixed add customer issue for sales staff
* Fixed shipping for quote to invoice feature
* Fixed decimal issue for amounts

Update v2.1.1 (9th September 2013)

* Fixed/added the following:
* Fixed HTML Tag issues in quote/inventory
* Fixed total amount decimal issue
* Fixed export issue to sale report
* Fixed the barcode scanner issue in POS

Update v2.1 (2nd September 2013)

* Fixed/added the following:
* Fixed French Language issues
* Fixed CSV product import
* Fixed discount issues on add sale/quote
* Image upload issue in WYSIWYG editor
* Fixed the view invoice/inventory/transfer note issue.
* Fixed Price issues on sales by POS