STL3D Viewer - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

STL format is popularly used for representing 3D object information for 3D printing applications. It is useful to visualize your object model before you actually print it. Both binary as well as ascii .STL files are supported.

This software depends on HTML5 /Javascript technologies at its very core. Thus the viewer runs inside a browser and is light on system resources.

Check out the video preview here:

The code has been commented extensively. Sample STL object models have been included to effectively demonstrate the intended usage of this product.


  • Rotate 3D object
  • Zoom-in / out
  • Four instant rendering modes: Points, wireframe, flat and smooth!
  • Drag-n-Drop objects!
  • Thumbnail Preview for objects
  • Scrollable “My Collection” area to hold objects
  • HTML5 Canvas based 3D visualization technology
  • Lightweight Javascript based 3D engine
  • Supports binary and ascii .STL files