Spotlighter - Guide the User's Attention.

Spotlighter is a powerful tool that will help you to divert/guide the readers attention in various ways. With Spotlighter you can convert the content to Modal-esque Boxes & Highlighted Text (as seen in the live preview link).

Creating the spotlights is pretty simple, and requires no prior knowledge in any coding language. Its done either using the shortcode generator, or simple [spotlight] shortcode.

How does it work ?

With Spotlighter you can convert parts of your post/page’s content to ‘switches’ that toggle a spotlights/highlights on other parts of the content.

It basically means that clicking on those ‘Switches’ will highlight or spotlight other parts of the content (that you choose).

Plenty of examples can be seen in the Live Preview.

Example Uses

  • Divert the users attention to relevant parts of the content that are not in the immediate section that being read.
  • Lower the bounce rate of heavy content posts by creating a quick link that will put an emphasize (either highlight, underline, put a spotlight or any other styling) on the important points or sections of that content.
  • Attract the visitors attention to parts of the page that YOU want to be read (promotions, forms, sells, etc).

Spotlighter a powerful tool to emphasize content in a dynamic way.


  • Simple Highlight / Spotlight.
  • Completely control the design of the Spotlight. Control the background, shadow, border, any text styling, colors etc.
  • Multi-Highlight / Spotlight using a single Switch. Highlight or Spotlight several sections with one click.
  • Spotlight External Elements. Spotlight elements that are external to the post content (specific comment, for example. or, a widget, parts of the header, etc).
  • Drop shadow Support.
  • Fade effect.
  • Shortcode Generator.

No Interference

Spotlighter creates wrappers around its elements, so it does not affect the original content, which maintains whatever structure or design it had (apart from using children selectors on CSS3 or JS).


I’ll do my best to provide quick and free support to any question you might have. moreover, I’ll be happy to add any feature you find missing, and/or quickly fix any bug you might encounter.