Sooshal - Social and Media Search Engine

Sooshal Social Media Search Engine

Sooshal is the first real time, no database social and social media search engine. Only pulls the newest data using 10 different API’s, and uses pagination (for supported services) to page through the results.

Update 8/23/13

  • Updated Facebook search to work with the new API

Update 6/19/13

  • Updated Twitter to 1.1 api, to fix the broken twitter issue

Update 4/5/13

  • Added search logging. We wanted to keep it database free still, so search are logged in a text file with ip:network:search format

Update 1/20/13

  • Added Instagram
  • Fixed some small styling issues
  • Update 1/18/13

    • Added lightboxes to pictures and videos
    • Youtube now plays in lightbox
    • Vimeo now plays in lightbox
    • FlickR changed to masonry style w/lightbox
    • Deviant Art changed to masonry style w/lightbox
    • Added Timeago.js to all applicable searches
    • Changed framework from Bootstrap static to Bootstrap responsive
    • Full mobile + tablet fallback
    • IOS DEVICES – Add to home screen upon page load
    • Youtube switches to direct link in mobile
    • Vimeo switches to direct link in mobile
    • FlickR masonry + lightbox works across all devices
    • Deviant Art masonry + lightbox works across all devices
    • Changed some input code to better suit server with mod_security enabled (Shared Hosting)
    • Loads of design fixes
    • Moved all styles to css document for faster loading
    • Minifed all JS for faster loading

    Sooshal Uses The Following Networks

    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Last.Fm
    • Deviant Art
    • FlickR
    • YouTube
    • Vimeo
    • Google News
    • Reddit
    • Sound Cloud (Integrated sound cloud player for sound cloud search results)

    Works In All Browsers And Screen Sizes

    Built using Twitters impressive bootstrap framework, for mobile compatibility.