Solid IPB Envato Purchase Verification

Solid IPB Envato Purchase Verification - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

Available Version: 1.0.0 (Discontinued)

This product will not receive any further updates.


With this I.P Board hook, you can limit user registration to your forum to only users who has purchased one of your specified products. You can specify as many of your products as you want (by ID), and choose whether to enable to disable the hook once it is installed via the setthings page.
This system does not use a database, but stores all the data as an array inside a .php file, which have a unique name for each installation (Based on the api key used). You can change username, API key, enable/disable the hook and specify which items IDs in settings tab this hook generates upon installation.


This hook has been tested on version 3.3.4 of IPB. This hook might work on ealier 3.x.x versions of IPB as it does not utillise many IPB specific functions. However I cannot guarantee that it will work on other of IPB than 3.3.4.
fopen, fwrite, fclose enabled.
Read/Write permissions for any files/folders in the system.


There is always a copy of the documentation included with the download.


Special thanks to “CodeFusion” for the image on how to retrive your purchase code.


All updates are FREE for existing purchasers, and always will be!

13/09/2012 - Version 1.0.0
- Initial release completed and submitted to CodeCanyon.