Sofa Front Post - Classified ads for WordPress

Sofa Front Post - Classified ads for WordPress

Sofa Front Post is WordPress plugin that will turn any WP theme into classified ads web site.

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Make it for fun or run your own business!

How does it work? Well, if you ever heard about Yellow Pages then everything should be clear enough. According to selected operable model people will be able to publish ads in one of predefined categories (predefined by site Admin).

Site owner can charge for publishing, let users publish for free or let them pay sponsored fee in case they want better positioning on ads listing or search results page.
Sponsored ads will always be listed on top regardless the publish date!

For better control ads don’t get status of “publish” as long as content is revised by Admin. Of course, that’s just one of the options! If you feel comfortable with immediate publish – enable from plugin settings page.

All due-to-pay ads are held in quarantine until payment is made and as such they will not be listed!
Due-to-pay entries are also deleted automatically after predefined period of time (plugin settings) in order to unclutter your database.

Optionally, ads may expire after certain period of time – if set so by site Admin.
Expired ads will not be listed as well! As soon as certain ad gets expired, notification is sent to ad holder automatically. Ad owners will either have to renew it or delete permanently.

Payments are handled by PayPal so if you decide to monetize this plugin be sure to have a valid PayPal account!

That should be it – briefly. Feel free to visit Sofa Front Post demo site, read documentation and give it a try. I’ll be here to answer all of your questions or doubts.

Plugin Highlights
  • Works with any existing theme
  • Front-end posting and post edit
  • GoogleMaps with each Ad (require GMaps API key!)
  • 3 operable models: Free, Payed or Optional (sponsored fee)
  • PayPal ready (valid account needed)
  • Localization file (.PO) included
  • Custom Widgets
  • Fully Shorcoded
  • Custom search
  • Documented
  • 24/7 support
  • Initial release 1.0
  • Dec, 20 2012 – plugin update!
    WordPress 3.5 compatibility issue resolved
    - files affected: "sofa-front-post.php" 
  • Dec, 25 2012 – plugin update!
    - files affected: "sfp_entry_list_by_user.php" and "sfp_user_payments.php" 
  • Nov, 22 2013 – plugin update!
    - files affected: "sofa-front-post/include/sfp_make_payment.php"