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SocialStrap – Social Networking Platform

“SocialStrap is a great tool for anyone looking to build a new social media website. The community of webmasters is strong, and there are a lot of great new addons, mods and guides that allow anyone to have great customization to their SocialStrap site. I have tried many different engines, and this one is the most comprehensive and the most supportive out there.” – Richard Evans


  • User profiles with four user roles (anonymous, guest, user, subscriber, reviewer and admin)
  • Follow system with 4tier connections
  • Groups and Pages
  • Images and Albums with image resampling upon submitting
  • User Badges
  • Facebook Authentication and Login
  • RealTime Notifications and email Notifications
  • Private messaging system
  • Open or closed network setup (site can be available for registered only users)
  • Search for Users, Groups, Pages, Personal Timeline or All Posts
  • Posts with four levels of privacy
  • Post Youtube videos
  • Hashtags and search for hashtags in Posts
  • User’s Timeline displaying posts from followed people
  • Comments on posts and images
  • Advanced friend suggestions
  • Share on Facebook or Email
  • Invite Friends and Referral system
  • Emotions and Games
  • CrowdSourced Reports and Review Reports (users can report posts, comments, messages, profiles and images)
  • ReCaptcha antibot service integration
  • Responsive MobileFriendly design based on Bootstrap v3
  • 12 Preinstalled bootstrap Themes
  • Single-file translations
  • SEO customization and additional <head> code
  • Banner Slots and custom Message of the Day
  • Custom Logo and custom Background Image for all users and profiles
  • Profile and Cover Image resizing, cropping and rotation
  • Friendly URLs for all Profiles (users, pages and groups)
  • Admin panel for app management and administration

Addons :

Wiki Page:

Preview & Screenshots

Admin panel – settings and add-ons screencast:
Admin can manage users:
Reviewer and admin can review reports:
Closed network setup (site available for registered only users)

System Requirements

Script is tested on many servers with different setups, it will run fine on standard web server or shared hosting plan. It comes with a simple installer so if you know how to install WordPress then you are good to go with SocialStrap. If you’re not sure please ask your server administrator or hosting provider about these requirements:
  • Apache web server (will probably work on others as well but they are not officially supported)
  • PHP 5.3 or higher
  • MySQL 5 or higher
  • Mysqli, Curl, PDO and GD PHP Extensions installed. Note that all of these are enabled in PHP by default.
  • Read and Write permissions for all files inside main app folder

You can use this simple testing script to see if your server or hosting package meet the minimum system requirements to run SocialStrap:



Interface currently translated to: English, Spanish, Deutsch, Chinese, Italian, Russian, Nederlands, Português Brasil, Srpski
You can download language files from here:
  • Many thanks to all people sharing their own language files!


Addons extend or override the base functionality. There are 10 preinstalled addons. They come with the script and they are free. You can disable some if you don’t need them.

  • Clickable Links
  • Emotions Pack
  • Facebook Login
  • Game Apps (two sample html5 games)
  • Hashtags
  • Invitation Form
  • Open Graph Tags
  • Power Lobby (Online users, Friend suggestions, Popular Users)
  • Theme Pack (12 CSS skins)
  • Youtube Posts (makes embeded youtube video when user writes a valid youtube URL as a post)

Check 3rd party and other addons here:


  • Zend Framework v1.12
  • Bootstrap v3 with custom Themes and Layouts supported
  • PDO Database Driver
  • SMTP or PHP mail() email adapters
  • Blowfish-based password protection with MD5 fallback (phpass lib)
  • Local Filesystem or Cloud Storage (for user images, Amazon S3 Addon – Sold separately)
  • Database-Driven PHP Session
  • Powerful Add-on system based on “Mediator Pattern” and hooks


Version v1.9 (git 28548ec)
security update, confirmation form added, like order changed, language file update, common javascript update, layout improvement.

Version v1.8 (git 432aeb7)
share posts and images on your wall (re-post); global caching mechanism added (file, apc, memcached); caching added for powerlobby add-on; groups and pages feature can be enabled/disabled separately; usertags merged into hashtags +improved and fixed; Bootstrap updated v3.0.2 – v3.1.1; admin “security off” notice removed; default robots.txt added; top menu bug-fix; comment double enter bug-fix; hidden profiles – edit image bug-fix;

Version v1.7 (git c0c8ef0)
SEO fix: a href added to share btns (no js); SEO fix: infinite scroll links for bots added; SEO fix: rel prev/next added to pagination; background fix for groups & pages; background img removed for mobile users; like spinner lag fix; fb button lag on error fix; toggle message status old/new; infinite scroll post load fix;

Version v1.6 (git 8b70f05)
edit posts and comments moved to nice ajax modal; lighter and faster DOM – reports moved to ajax; new image and gallery layout; head version added for static css & js files (no need for browser’s refresh on future updates); admin background fix;notification gc improvement

Version v1.5 (git db95d6e)
user fields easier to extend with an addon; option to allow custom background images for all profiles; infinite scroll added to search; infinite scroll limit config added for admin; db metadata cache introduced; speed/load improvements; spinner added to cover/profile image load; strpTags added to all forms; more js events subscriptionis; css fixes, topmenu fix for mobile; new hook hook_data_prefixfetchposts; popular group/pages links to search; smaller pagination (mobile friendly); notification garbage collector (auto delete on 1 week old); db mysqli fallback adapter added; pm notification email fix; remove user avatar, cover and background on user delete

Version v1.4 (git e71b8e8)
admin settings added; chars count limit for posts/comments; open graph tags added; posts fetch logic fix – private removed (sql); user can edit their own comments; read & bottom anchor elements; auto-subscribe to groups; html tags/attributes not allowed in posts (addon can override this); regexp fix in addons, dash escaped; new hook – hook_data_postfetchposts; new hook – pre/post user register; ‘activatd’ fix on disabled activation; recaptcha forced to use https; youtube https fix; docs updated; mobile layout fixed; en lang update

Version 1.3 (git: 2ca8f5d)
Some improvements & fixes: layout improvements; image too big notice; links open in new window; badges for pages/groups; user activation can be disabled; facebook addon fix; lang spec in body so it can be cssed; admin cannot delete comments bugfix; user can report own group/page fix; change password fix; mobile notification fixed; better search, full utf8 support; search all posts link on timeline; resource not available avatar fix; fb share image fix; post images resample fix; youtube addon improved; error controller improved;

Version 1.2 (git: b62e300)
- italian language file removed - layout improved

Version 1.1 (git: a0020e4)
- bug-fix when creating group/page with username that is already taken
- small language file fixes
- update instruction included in updates/ folder

Version 1.0 (git: 34903e2)

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