Social Auth

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Social Auth

Social Auth v5.0 released with lots of beautiful features!

Socail Auth is a script that lets you authorize your sign-in with social newtorks like;

It has also db configuration inorder to integrate your current login system.

You can make a login area on your website in order to do let your users to authorize their sign-in with social networks by purchasing and integrate to your website.No need registration anymore!

You can integrate this script to your systema with a installation GUI.

Please use Support page for your questions. Also, you can search previously asked questions on support page



Forgot Password

Installation 1

Installation 2

Installation 3

Extended Feature List

  • Login with Facebook
  • Login with Twitter
  • Login with Linkedin
  • Login with Google
  • Login with Yahoo
  • DB authentication included
  • 4 built in login themes
  • Frontend validation
  • Signup
  • Forgot password
  • Social User Activity
  • Social User Timeline
  • Social Users Contact

Server Requirements

PHP 4.0 or later

MySQL 4.0 or later


Live Demo

You can view online demo here


Please do not hesitate to ask any question for this product by using support page here

What Customers Say?

I was starting to develop the auth login when I saw this app. I have installed and the app are fully operational


- Autoloading issue for shared hostings fixed - 01/05/2014
- NEW FEATURE: Debugging
- NEW FEATURE: User Activity
- NEW FEATURE: User Timeline
- NEW FEATURE: User Social Timeline
- NEW FEATURE: Installation GUI
- NEW FEATURE: Built-in login themes added(4)
- Refactored for Twitter v1.1
- Cookie/Session operations updated
- DB authentication/support added
- Facebook callback fields and permissions added to configuration
- Yahoo login support has been added to system
- Facebook login updated and all user information has been saved into session