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Auto Poster will not load photos to Facebook.

I use a jetpack photon. Facebook debug Not finding errors.: http://prnt.sc/aa7qdd

please create a support ticket and we are happy to help you via that.

Instagram Poster?

sorry, thats not possible.

Hi Any Google Plus LikE? Im Using JetPack And Work With GOogle + And SHare Good But Your Plugin Does Support Google Plus ?!?

Hey, your plugin is good, but does your plugin auto-publish content to social networks which is automatically created by amazon APIs? I wanted to promote my Affiliate woocommerce site.

No, sorry. that need custom work.

It’s ok to use auto post using web browser to edit the post but it does not auto post when I use a desktop client to edit and publish the post. Is there anyway to do that? One more thing is that when I use quick edit to publish, it does auto post but it only works if I quick edit 1 post, when I use quick edit (bulk edit) on multiple posts, it doesn’t work anymore.

We have updated some code, we can give updated plugin copy to test if it works. please create a support ticket and we can check it via there.

It works if you’re manually making a post, but doesn’t seem to work with an automatic poster that makes posts. Does it actually work with auto publish plugins?

need custom code to be done work with any such plugins we are finding some ways to do that. we may do that in future updates.

please create a support ticket and we can check it via there. we have done some changes in code but we would like you to check it before we put it as update.

HI, how many scripts does this plugin add to my siten (forntend / backend) ?


Sorry, I don’t understand your question.

how many css, js files are additionaly applied to my site with your plugin?

For settings page there is only one js and 2 CSS

For metaboxes total 7 JS and 5 CSS.

Thank you very much for this new update! :D

No problem. :)

Hi There,
My dumb pre-purchase questions:
1. Is Social Auto Poster capable of sharing not blog posts, but Woocommerce Product pages and ordinary WordPress pages.
2. If everything is properly configured – will it post Images to Facebook too, or just text (description)
3. Where exactly does the content come from? If I have OG: properties set. (Yoast Plugin) – will it fetch the og: title, description. Or something else?
Thank you for your time

1) Yes.

2) image will be posted on facebook as well.

hi before I buy the plugin I want to ask you a question. If I want to use your plugin with facebook do I have to generate a new facebook token every two months? At another plugin I have read the following information after the purchase and was therefore disappointed because can`t renew the token not every two month. “Maximum lifetime of this extended token is 2 months so you need to re-authenticate or regenerate new token.”

Question: Is it enough to generate the token for the Facebook stream once or do I have to generate the facebook token for your plugin repeatedly too?

There should not be such issue, I mean we dont get any report for such issue in our plugin yet.

Scheduling question again): Maximum Posting per schedule feature. Is it PER Network or Per ALL Networks I have enabled? If not, will it be possible in the future upgrade to separate them per network? Thanks.

Is it PER Network or Per ALL Networks I have enabled?

Ans: It is per All Networks.

No, It is quite complex to make it how you want so that might not possible in future update. we can try to do that for you as custom work by creating addon for you.

hi, in addition with Lateralus578 Question .. Will it post my shop Product items to twitter with image? Thanks in advance for your response

Pre-Sales Question: Does it affect website speed in any way (number of requests etc.)?


Question: Will this work with the Wordpress Automatic plugin? http://codecanyon.net/item/wordpress-automatic-plugin/1904470

Wordpress Automatic create post automatically

have not tested, but we have created an option to make it work with most of thrird party plugins which allows to create post/page/products from frontend. so mostly it should work.


armagri Purchased

Hello… this had been reported months ago…

When adding the twitter api keys and saving we get this error message

social/libraries/twitter/codebird.php on line 24

It can save the first 3 keys, but when entering the last one (the Access Token Secret) it throws the error.

I have already tried deactivating all plugins, but it does not work.

Why should I buy support time if many customers had reported this problem before..Why you can’t provide the solution here.. as a comment


There is no such issue, please check minimum requirement of the server. http://wpweb.co.in/documents/social-auto-poster/#minimum-requirements

it only happens when there is some issue in server.

and if you don’t wanted to buy support package then thats completely okay. Not any author or envato force you to buy that. but the thing is no Author can provide free support for any of his product for lifetime. so envato decided that each author bind to provide 6 month support.

Can this plugin achive the following. I am doing a wordpress website redesign for my client.

Currently with the template they are on, she just has to tick a box and the image and story will transfer to her social media page ie. Facebook. She wants to know: 1. Is this the same thing that will happen with this plugin? 2. If so, can they create a special feature image that can be used on social media as opposed to the same image that the story uses on the site? Reason behind this is because the layout is different on social media they may want to use a different image that crops better, or a more vibrant image etc on their social media page.

Their greater intent here is they want to have a uniform brand identity permeate the FB page and the one way to do that is control the look of the blog posts.

Do let me know if this is all possible your plugin.

We have option in meta to choose a different image to post on Facebook.


besi1988 Purchased

Hi, Could you please help? When people share my post it picks up the sidebar image??? Plugins is sending wrong image to Facebook and when I debug on Facebook its showing this at the end of url /2016/04/WEB.600.5-32-150×150.jpg my image is 600×400 not 150 ? Any advice is highly appreciated, thanks

There is a option in meta box where you can set any image which you want and that will be used to post on facebook.

can i use this plugin to publish products from woocommerce?

Sorry I don’t understand your question.

I mean i want to use this program to post products (woocommerce products) on the facebook business page

Yes ofcource you can do that.