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Seems to be excellent for me! As long as is autoposting to fb a: title, image, expert and a link and clicking to the title or image or link gets you directly to my blog, I bought it. I do not want fb to open a bigger picture while clicking on it! Please answer!!


Yes, it works as you asked.

Is there anyway to make wordpress tags transfer over to the social sites?


sorry, not at this stage.

Hi Thanks for the plugin, will be really a great key for my business. Would really help if you could have a video demo tutorials.

1.I have a car business website and my thought is to split every new car to social pages/groups. Can it post automatically to pages or groups i am into ? Or just on users wall ? 2. When a user adds a car will the plugin post that new car automatically? 3,Whats the procedure really the plugin does in steps?



replied to your ticket.

whats the demo user / pass


demo / demo123

any plans to add google +


sorry , not at this stage.

Hello, would you please let me know if the Social Auto Poster can help to Automatically post all or selective posts to social networks?

Is there a manual posting to networks or is all automated? Thank you!

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it will post automatically and even if you want to manually post then it is possible too.

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Hi. How can i have checkbox for ( _wpweb_post_to_facebook ) ever selected by default?

Thank You


please create support ticket for any technical problems.

Any plans to add Google+ support?


Sorry, not at this stage.

Is it posible to only auto publish as a page and not on your personal profile?



Hello WPWeb,

Can I loop a Post to Auto Post to my Fan Page at any giving time. Let say I want to post an specific post every day at 7:00am, can I do that with your plugin? I want to Auto Post and make this Post as a loop, to be posted every day at the same time. I want to do this with some favorite Post.


No, sorry.

Hey you guys! How are you?

Sorry for bothering. One of my clients needs to auto-send posts to Facebook and Twitter, but there are some details, so I need to know if your tool does these things.

I have to send different posts to different places depending on the categories. Here’s an example:

Category 1 – Goes to Private Group A Category 2 – Goes to Private Group B Category 3 – Goes to Public Fanpage and Twitter.

IMPORTANT: Category 1 and 2’s posts are private, you must login to see them.

Is this possible to do with Social Auto Poster? I need to be sure before buying.

Thanks a lot pals!

Cheers from Buenos Aires!


Yes it works how you need.

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Hi, I just bought the plugin, setup my facebook APi but am running into a an issue. When I click “Grant Extended Permissions” I get sent to a 500 internal error page. Any suggestions on how to get this working?

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please create a support ticket and we are happy to help you via that.

Sorry if this has been asked and answered before, but can this plugin post old posts automatically on a given schedule? Say for example, every 4 hours post an old post and then randomly cycle through the rest of the posts until they have all been reposted to the selected social networks, then begin again.

I have another plugin “Revive Old Post” and I could buy this again for a new site, but I’d rather try yours.


sorry schedule wont work for old posts.