Snippets WordPress Plugin - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

Sometimes when creating a site, the same information needs to appear in multiple places, duplicating that content is not a good idea. It’s far better to have it in one place.

That’s what the Snippets WordPress Plugin allows you to do.

You can even include snippets in your theme with an in-built function.


  • Create Snippets in the WordPress admin area
  • Include any content in your snippet that you like…including images, content or even other shortcodes (Even other snippets)
  • Include that snippet anywhere in your wordpress site (pages, posts, widgets) with a simple to use shortcode.

Theme Function (Advanced Users)

Snippets also comes with a handy function that you can use in your template.

Some ideas for where to use snippets

  • Testimonials
  • Call To Actions
  • Address & Contact Information
  • Site Announcements
  • Product Details
  • Post Signature
  • Order Forms