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I also need a way to reload the RSS feeds in a continuous mode. Please help.

Hi, and thank you for contacting us. The new version is ready for release. It is supporting live adding or remove items. I try to release the new version (SmarTicker 2) with new features and re-designed structure in next working weeks.


jmrios Purchased

Hi, can you provide an update on the status of version 2. I really need the sticker to loop (go back, re load) the RSS on a continuous basis.

Well apparently NOT interested in selling this… contacted author and NEVER replied so for all the people who say they get excellent support they must be friends of the author because he certainly doesn’t seem to answer anyone else back…glad I didn’t pay for this!!!

Hi and thank you for your feedback. As I have checked my email, YESTERDAY you have sent us an email from (...@ stny.rr) and asked a before-sale question, so I don’t you why are you saying: (NEVER replied?) FYI, we answer all before-sale tickets before 48 hours. Indeed, All the submitted reviews are from the people who have PURCHASED the product. So they are in higher priority to get support, and they got the best support. Anyway, in answer to your question: There is no reason to fear from conflicts, it is being used in so many joomla and wordpress websites without any problems. So, if you have purchased this and have problem with this, I am here to answer your questions. Regards

Oh I see so if a person questions whether something may NOT work and has questions then unless they buy they out of luck… yeah perfect business model.

Does it support Media:Thumbnail ?

Hi, Not for now. I will add this feature in next release. Or it could be added by a minor customization just for you.

Presales – I would like to put this in the header of my Website – but I only want it to show if the RSS feed returns a result. If not I want it to be hidden – does this solution provide that?

We are using it for important notifications to Web visitors – but if there are no notifications in the RSS feed – then we don’t want it to show – thanks in advance!

Hi and thank you for contacting us. Yes, SmarTicker will not be shown if the RSS feed is empty. Regards


Jenolan Purchased

Hi could you please have a peek at https://jenolan.org/ you can see my ticker at the top with the list of items but for some reason the JS isn’t firing. Have tried various different combinations without luck.

Any hints?



Hi Jenolan, Thank you for purchase. I checked your website and found that you haven’t called the SmarTicker function on your element. You need to call the smarticker on your newsticker container element. As I explained in section 3 of documentation. The documentation is included in downloaded package. Please let me know if you still have problem. Regards


Jenolan Purchased

err umm …

(function() { $(’#newsticker’).smarticker( {......

I followed your instructions properly I think but as I said the js doesn’t fire.


Jenolan Purchased

After a load of tinkering finally have it working, now to stop the raw list appearing during the page load…..

can we add any rss feed to this?

Yes, You can add any rss feed in plugin initialization


kheikal Purchased

Needing help with loading CNN RSS feed

Hi – I see a new version update was promised 4 months ago. Is there any news on a release date yet?

Hi there. Any chance of a reply about the v2 update within your quoted 48 hours please? ...I’m waiting to buy!

Hi Sussexman, As we are working on Wordpress version of the plugin, we decided to release a subversion instead of a new version. So, you can buy the plugin now, and when the plugin has been updated, you will be informed by email, and you can download new version as free.

Thank you for response – good luck with your WP version

Hi, how can I upload this onto my wordpress template?

Hello and thank you for purchase. For uploading on wordpress website, everything is the same as html version. But you need to add the css file into your active theme’s header.php file. Also you should add the smarticker js file and call the function in your footer.php file before your tag. Also we can do this implementation for you if you are new to wordpress and JQuery. Send us an email if you like to have a quote for this.

Pre-sale Question: How does the ticker handle a section of long text? For instance if the length of the text in the li tag is longer than the width of the ticker container, what does it do? I’m interested to see if the horizontally scrolling text will just scroll from the right until it reaches the end of the text contained in the li tag. Can you provide a working example of what that might look like, please? Thanks!

Hi 66fcu,

The SmarTicker handles long texts by scrolling the li tag horizontally automatically when it reaches end of text container. You can see and example in this URL (the last ticker in this page): http://powerup.ir/projects/smarticker/1-5/SmartTicker/demo/

Hi there! while reading your comments i got to know you have a wordpress version of this plugin coming out, and i wonder if you could tell me when would this be? (approximately). I would still like to buy the jquery plugin but i would love to know how to adapt it to wordpress. do you add it in the documentation, or could you at least help me out in any case? (i’ll probably buy both versions of the plugin, anyway :p )

Hi and thank you for contacting us. The Wordpress version is almost done. But I need some more times to create documentation and test it. About adapting jquery version with Wordpress, it is simple as configuring it on a static website. First you should add your html structure to one of your wordpress theme layouts for example: single.php, post.php, ... Then you need to add SmarTicker js file in your footer.php just before tag and also call the smarticker. Then add css files into your header.php file. Everything will work fine. If you have problem you can send me an email, I can do it for you.

Hi, I want to buy this plugin but I’d like to know if it’s possible to use formatted html text as the content and not an RSS feed? On my site I want to use it to highlight recent messages for which I’d rather not create an RSS feed just for this purpose. Using formatted text would solve this problem.


Hi PeVaDa Yes, with this plugin you can add your formatted html text as UL and LI tags.

Hi. i want to use this plugin. but i want ask about this feature? this plugin for HMTL /PHP useful or only for wordpress plugin?

and how if i want to edit the style news up and down become running text it is able to change?


Hi Fitria This plugin is not for wordpress websites. It would work great for HTML/PHP websites. Also we can install and sync this on your wordpress website too.

Hello. Is there an interface for dynamically adding and removing subcategories in the ticker? I’m trying to adapt Smarticker as a status bar instead of a traditional news ticker. Thank you!

?Hi Sheng, thank you for purchase. For now, it has not this feature, but we have a new version that is ready for use but the documentation is not ready. We try to release this version as soon as possible. You will be informed when it has been updated.

I just purchase smarticker pluggin but dont know what to do next. How the create the script?

I like how the information will scroll when it is too long for the ticker box, but I have noticed that there is a glitch where there is a sudden jerk when the feed is initially loaded. At first I thought It was my site, but then I looked at your demo page, shrunk the browser to where the ticker would have to scroll and noticed that it happens as well (using most updated version of Google Chrome). Is there a way to fix this?


anonymiz Purchased

i installed this plugin but problem is my ssl goes bad, ssl goes from green to yellow how to get support for this and when new version will release


tarawneh Purchased

i want to add link to the title ? how can i do that


envidea Purchased

Your work is great!

And I have two questions for you:

1) When the text of a new is very long, how can I change the acceleration?

2) When the long news is finishes, it returns to the beginning, is it possible that when it is finished don’t return?

Thanks a lot!