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Plugin Information

Smart Navigation Widgets is plugin with 4 widgets ideal for bloggers or any other WordPress users with big archives. Using this plugin, you can display AJAX powered archive widget that shows only small portion of archives to user, and allows him to navigate deeper only when he needs to. No more long lists of date archives that take up a lot of space, or endless list of categories and pages. Plugin is designed for use with hierarchical taxonomies (like category) and hierarchical post types (like pages). But, with some extra options you can allow use of non-hierarchical taxonomies and post types.

Included Widgets

  • Date Archives: date based decade/year/month/day archives
  • Taxonomy Archives: categories and hierarchical custom taxonomies
  • Hierarchy Content: pages and hierarchical custom post types
  • Custom Source: data provided by your own PHP functions
Detailed information on how to setup and use Custom Source widget is provided in Developers Guide. To use this widget you need to write custom code according to widget specification. This widget is disabled by default. For developers only!

Main Features

  • Detect current date archive to start dates archive hierarchy.
  • Select posts or terms to exclude from widgets results.
  • Select root post or term to start taxonomies or content hierarchy.
  • Detect current root post or term to start taxonomies or content hierarchy.
  • Filter terms by post type to narrow navigation results.
  • Supports archive intersections from GD Custom Posts And Taxonomies Tools Pro plugin.
  • Mark current item in widget tree with CSS class.
  • Shortcode or function to display widget anywhere on the page.
  • Each widget uses AJAX to load items when needed.
  • Control items display animation method and speed.
  • Control sorting for items displayed with all widgets.
  • Enable or disable each plugins widget from settings panel.

Benefits of using this plugin

  • If you have too many links on the page because of normal archives widgets, this plugin will show only some links, and that can help with search engines that generally don’t like too many links on a single page (Google recommends up to 100-150 links per page).
  • Using these widget can speed up websites with long list of categories, pages or date based archives, depending on the number of items usually displayed. Complex hierarchies can take a lot of SQL queries to generate links (depends on the permalinks settings in WordPress).
  • Long lists can be intimidating for users and very hard to follow. Using widgets in this plugin, you will use up less space on the page, and leave it to user to find what they need through drill down hierarchy. Archives are made to be displayed in levels.

For Developers

  • Dummy data functions to generate plugin data during development
  • Example of filters and functions for Custom Source widget
  • Many hooks to control widgets loading, data and other things

Other Features

  • Optimized custom functions to get all widgets data
  • Easy to customize to fit with any theme
  • Custom built JavaScript using jQuery
  • Comes with 4 predefined styles
  • Support translation and includes POT file


Version 1.9 / 2013.10.21.

  • New: Expanded terms loading for better empty terms detection
  • New: Tools panel for clearing cached data used for rendering
  • New: Shows a message if there are no results for widget settings
  • Improved: Rendering of widget items with extra filtering
  • Improved: Auto clear cached data for taxonomy archives widget
  • Fixed: Few minor declaration issues with PHP 5.4

Version 1.8 / 2013.10.07.

  • Added: Support for AJAX loading websites
Full changelog available on plugins home page