Smart CRON Tools is a unique plugin that allows you to list, identify, remove any background job running in WordPress. Plugin adds easy to use and understand tables with all registered jobs, showing next run time, name of the job, source, schedule period and options you can perform for each job.

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List and detect source for all scheduled jobs

List and detect source for all scheduled jobs Display list of all scheduled jobs, with options to delete them, view arguments or run. Plugin can detect plugins or themes jobs belong to using predefined jobs library or by scanning files.

Quick removal for missing and inactive plugins jobs

Quick removal for missing and inactive plugins jobs If plugin detects that jobs belong to missing or inactive plugins, you have options to quickly remove all such jobs.

List all schedule periods and add new ones

List all schedule periods and add new ones You can see all schedule periods registered in WordPress, and you can add more periods if you need. Plugin can also detect plugin or theme source for each period.

Main Features

  • List all scheduled jobs both one time and reccuring.
  • Preview arguments that will be passed to the job function.
  • Options to run and delete any of the scheduled jobs.
  • Built in list for quick detection of plugins that added scheduled jobs.
  • Alternate detection method through scanning of plugins to identify jobs.
  • List of all schedules periods used for recurring cron jobs.
  • Detect schedules periods source plugins using pluging scanning method.
  • Add new schedules periods that can be used for scheduling new jobs.
  • Plugin adds three new basic schedules for weekly, twice weekly and fortnight periods.

Other Features

  • Supports WordPress Multisite installations for individual sites.
  • Supports translation and includes POT file.

Integration with Other Plugins

Smart Security Tools Smart CRON Tools adds 2 new events in security log to track removal of cron jobs. This way you can see when each job is removed using Smart CRON Tools through security log.


Plugin contains PDF user guide in the plugin package, inside the ‘docs’ directory. Check out this documentto get information on plugin options, usage and more.


Version 1.5 / 2014.08.12.

  • Added: log removal of jobs through Smart Security Tools
  • Fixed: warnings related to missing scheduler periods

Version 1.4 / 2014.05.08.

  • Added: expanded jobs identifications list
  • Updated: few visual improvements to the main interface
  • Updated: jQueryUI 1.10.4

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