Smart bbPress nVerify

Smart bbPress nVerify

This plugin is created for all authors selling products through Envato Marketplaces and using WordPress with bbPress plugin to provide support for customers. Using Smart bbPress nVerify, you can set up forums protection so that users are required to enter valid purchase code for your Envato products. You can assign one or more products to individual bbPress forums. Plugin requires use of WordPress version 3.3 or newer and bbPress plugin version 2.3 or newer.

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Plugin stores purchase codes users entered, and each code needs to be entered only once, and later visits to support forum will automatically verify that code exists. This way, verification process is not intrusive on your customers and doesn’t require using code with every visit.

Plugin uses Envato API to verify purchase codes and supports both old (legacy) and new API using personal token for authentication.

Plugin version 3.0 can verify purchase code and support period expiration for purchase code so you can limit forums access to users with expired support period. This is disabled by default, and you need to enable it to use it. If you notice any issues, please report them.

If you set any of your items as unsupported on ThemeForest or CodeCanyon, these items will always return ‘support expired’. If you still want to allow access to forums for these items, you can add item ID’s for all such items into plugin settings, support tab and plugin will not check support expiration for items listed there. You can control support check for each item you added to each forum through forum metabox.

Control how forums restrictions are applied

Control how forums restrictions are applied You can restrict access to forums using three options: restrict access to forum (hides even the list of topics in protected forum), restrict access to new topic form (user can see list of topics, but form is not available) and restrict access to actual topic content. Plugin supports use of new topic forms outside of the forums where user all can select forum to post to from drop down list. In such case, validation is also done.

Simple form for entering purchase code

Simple form for entering purchase code Restriction screen shows list of products assigned to a forum (so the users know which plugin license they need), and you have one field to enter purchase code and button to verify it. Depending on the verification (done through AJAX) user will see error or success message. If code is verified, page will refresh and show protected content. If the Envato API is not responding for some reason (maintenance on Envato), message will be displayed and user should wait before attempting verification again.

For each forum you can assign one or more items, but you can also switch forum protection to any item for your Envato account. This way you can have general access forums that require purchase code from any of your items, without the need for you to list each item.

Restriction templates can be customized

Restriction templates can be customized Default templates plugin has to display restriction message, also show the user step by step information on how to get the purchase code. All templates plugin have can be overriden by the theme so you can customize further the way those pages look like.

Administration panels with list of users with purchase codes

Administration panels with list of users with purchase codes On plugins panel in the administration, you can see list of all users with registered purchase codes. You can filter the list by product and sort it by user ID or username. You can see all the information about each purchase code. List also shows registration date for each user and links to their topics and replies for faster access to their support topics.

You can unlink purchase codes if you need to (remove option added to the list of registered codes). This means that can be used again by other users. This is useful when you are testing the system.

Users can review registered codes and bulk add new codes

Users can review registered codes and bulk add new codes Your forum users can also see all purchase codes they have registered, and it allows them to add new codes in bulk. This way they can add codes faster and they can keep track of all codes they used. They can add multiple purchase codes for same product.

Other Plugin Features Included

  • Check Envato API online status before displaying the form to enter purchase code.
  • Integration into admin side list of forums bulk editor to assign or remove Envato items from multiple forums at once.
  • Support for Envato support item URL redirecton to auto resolve it to a sub forum on your website.
  • Auto revalidation of purchase codes in case the purchase is refunded or reversed.
  • Option to revalidate all purchase codes for every customer in the Customers list.
  • Use of transient cache (time limited) to cache all API responses to speed up API related operations.
  • Tool to cleanup transient cache for all previously made API calls.
  • Restrict use of one purchase code for one user account.
  • Control user roles that will have unrestricted access to protected forums.
  • Allow items from more than one Envato author for individual forums.
  • Error log with all errors logged when making API calls for old and new API.
  • Support for Multisite WordPress mode

System and WordPress Requirements

  • WordPress 3.6 or newer
  • bbPress plugin for WordPress 2.3 or newer
  • PHP 5.2.4 or newer


  • Plugin depends on the templates loading system in the core of bbPress plugin. If you use some other system to replace bbPress templates loading and control, you will need to adjust that to work with Smart bbPress nVerify.
  • Plugin stores purchase information into database connected to users on your support forum. This means that your customers must register for an account on your website to access support forum. This plugin can’t be used if you allow anonymous posting in support forums.


Plugin contains PDF user guide in the plugin package, inside the ‘docs’ directory. Check out this document to get information on plugin options, usage and more.


Version 3.2 / 2016.03.31.
  • Added: Metabox for forum shows support check dropdown
  • Added: Check online status of the API and show message if down
  • Added: Template to show message if the Envato API is down
  • Added: Customers list shows if the purchase code is expired or outdated
  • Added: Tool to delete error log file
  • Updated: Using Smart Envato API 5.0
  • Fixed: Purchase code verification fails to check support expiration
  • Fixed: Purchase code revalidation wrongly marks code as supported
  • Fixed: Small register link issue with the login required template
  • Fixed: Getting current page URL when used with SSL was not valid
Version 3.1.1 / 2015.09.09.
  • Fixed: Missing function in login required template
Version 3.1 / 2015.09.09.
  • Added: Protection method: Protect only topic reply form
  • Added: More specific messages for different protection forms
  • Added: Function to check access to individual forums
  • Updated: Images for step by step Purchase Code instructions
  • Updated: Improved user profile display of purchase codes
  • Updated: Masked Input plugin for jQuery 1.4.1
  • Updated: Using Smart Envato API 4.1.1
  • Deleted: Removed jQueryUI in favor of using built-in WordPress dialog
  • Fixed: Loading of bbPress profile templates without bbPress template loader
  • Fixed: Critical error on the user profile page with list of purchase codes
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