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can you tell me if this is the same slider that is used to display related content on the Matador Network site?


Hi, to do that, you should use my other slider


that will empower you to do it.

Hi Eliot,

my slider has stopped working. Please see http://rygklinik.dk/fysioterapi/

Nothing has been touched, and it seams to have affected other pages using your slider too!

Please help!

Hi, I’m seeing this Javascript error in your site

Uncaught TypeError: Object [object Object] has no method ‘live’ jquery.buddypress.js:540

It’s not caused by the plugin, but when a Javascript fails in a page, all the remaining scripts are stopped, so due to this Buddypress error, the slider is likely to have stopped working.

My slider stopped working suddenly too… http://drsowhat.com/students/

Hi, I’m seeing these Javascript errors in your site:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘opera’ of undefined isotope.js:11 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘msie’ of undefined jquery.fancybox-1.3.4.js:29 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘msie’ of undefined jquery.ba-bbq.min.js:18 Uncaught TypeError: Object [object Object] has no method ‘isotope’ init.js:89 Uncaught TypeError: Object [object Object] has no method ‘isotope’ init.js:183

These are not errors from the plugin but another one, and as I explained to the previous user, when a Javascript fails, the rest of scripts stop working. For example, your menus aren’t working either, “Questions” is not showing the submenu that includes “Patterns”, “Some Assumptions”, “Evidence” and so on. Try to figure out what are the plugins with failing Javascript by deactivating them and checking when the site works.

Thank you!

I have to migrate the plugin from the test domain to the definitive domain for the same website, I have disabled the plugin, copied the files and activated in the new domain. But it seems that doesn’t work correctly,I forgot some steps? Thank You Gianluca

Hi, maybe you’re using a different plugin? You don’t have the “Purchased” badge that other users who purchased the plugin have.


I’ve just downloaded the plugin. I’ve followed the install instruction, uploading the ilc-slider folder to the plugin directory, and activating the plugin in the admin panel. I’ve looked through the setting and kept them default, and then used the shortcode in a post. It doesn’t seem to give me any indication it’s working at all. Have I missed something? I’ve tried using it in ordinary posts, and custom post types. I need it work in both :-/

I’ll just reply here because i’m getting dizzy between your questions through the mail and here lol. No hard feelings :) That’s why to avoid this confusion I’ve setup forum for this plugin at http://themesrobot.com/forum/slider-gallery-shortcode/ Anyway, if you provide me by mail with an admin user and password to access the wp admin of the live site, I’ll check what is going on in your post.

haha, no problem. I’ve just sent them through.

Solved by Elio for jumping on my wordpress install. Thanks Elio. It was another plugin interfering with the shortcode.

Hi Elliot,

I’m back again. I’ve seen the odd post about being able to wrap text in a wordpress post / page but with no answer as to how this can be done. How am I able to wrap text around the slider?

Hi Craig, could you please add your question in the forum for this plugin? http://themesrobot.com/forum/slider-gallery-shortcode/ Please point which “odd post” you’re referring to. Thanks.

Disregard, posted this in the wrong plugin.

I have three images attached to the page, controls on, and all other plugins disabled. I have arrows but they don’t work. Thoughts?


Getting this js error from the plugin:Uncaught TypeError: Object [object Object] has no method ‘cycle’

I actually downloaded the two plugins you were using for fancybox and tables and saw that neither were deregistering. You’ll have to look (possibly in functions.php) for calls like wp_dequeue_script(‘jquery’) or wp_deregister_script(‘jquery’). After this, you should also remove whatever is outputting
in your page: when using the jQuery library included with WP, this is not necessary since it’s already in noConflict mode.

Can I email you directly? There is no ‘jquery’ at all in the functions file when I do a ‘find’. I’ll keep looking for the no conflict mention

Sure, send me a message using the form here on the right http://codecanyon.net/user/Elliot#from

Hi Elliot I just purchased your plugin. I had some questions. I did the setup and the slider shows but but so do the images that the slider grabs to show. I thought this was supposed to organize the images inside a post by putting them all in a slider?? and not having them all scattered around the page but in a nice little slider. Second thing is the size of the slider itself. Its too big and is over lapping my right side bar. Medium and thumbnail are way too small how can i decrease the size so it fits nicely inside my post area?? Thank you for your time.

Hi, sorry for the late reply, I’ve been very sick since sunday. Could you please post your question in the support forum? http://themesrobot.com/forum/slider-gallery-shortcode/ And please include a live link to the site where you’re experiencing this.

Hi I like your plugin and can use it greatly with WP All Import. One question or suggestion: When I click on the thumbnail slider I would like the original image to popup ans show the original sized image.

Thanks Elliot. That will save me a lot and make my site nicer. Let me check and spend some bucks with you if it works. ;-)

Unfortunately “Uploaded to this post” does not work in this case ;-(

That’s it then, good that we checked. If the images are not uploaded, and hence, attached, to the post. It won’t work. Best!


Presale question :)

1. can change the slider width ?

2. this slider is sort by ?

3. how many js and css files is need this plugin ?



1. yes, you can do so adding custom CSS code to your theme’s style.css or the plugin’s stylesheet, whatever works better for you

2. sort by menu order. You can drag and drop the images to set the order.

3. one CSS file and one JS file, plus the jQuery library file, which might be already loaded by your theme.

Hi Elliot,

The slider shows 4 post at a time and I can not change this in the admin part. sliders doesn’t slide here…

Duration Time it takes for the transitional animation to complete. Less for faster. ( 1600 Milliseconds ). Items to scroll Number of items to scroll in each transition: FFFFFF. (More than 1 is usually only useful for carousels.) Visible items

example: http://lokaleomroeplandsmeer.nl/nieuws-home/

all plugins are turned off

Do you have any suggestions?



Hi, I wonder why you don’t have the “Purchased” badge? Maybe you bought it from another account? To validate the purchase, use the plugin license to register to the support forum for the plugin http://themesrobot.com/forum/all-slider/ You can the license on your account at http://codecanyon.net/downloads Once registered, post your question there please.

Hi Elliot,

Just installed it and it’s not working. Any ideas? http://weareplanc.com/new-build-detached-house-london-n10/

OK, It seems to be a conflict with the WPjumpstart theme. How can I change the shortcode that your plugin uses. I think WPjumstart also uses the same [slider] shortcode.

Hi, I sincerely apologize for the late reply, due to personal reasons it’s been impossible for me to be online last week.

You can use another slider shortcode tag following these steps:

1. open ilc-slider.php 2. find
add_shortcode('slider', 'ilc_slider_sc');
3. replace it with
add_shortcode('ilcslider', 'ilc_slider_sc');
4. save the file. If you were editing it locally, upload it by FTP to the plugin directory in your server.

You can now use [ilcslider] instead of [slider].

I have another problem now. Is this slider responsive? It seems the images do not scale to 100% of the container.

Hi, this plugin is not responsive. Check that it’s not advertised as such. The one that is responsive is Allslider http://codecanyon.net/item/allslider-wordpress-responsive-slider-carousel/3745375 Please post other support questions you may have in the support forum for this plugin http://themesrobot.com/forum/slider-gallery-shortcode/

Hi, im german. Sorry for my bad english. Hav bought the Slider Gallery Shortcode. Works fine…but theres a problem: Have uploaded my pictures in 800×600 pixels. The container of my slider has got the width 500px and the height 300px. That works. But the pictures are shown in the total resolution of 800 pixels. What can i do?

Posted on the forum Elliot …

Please, can someone help me with the problem? I dont know what to do. The forum is still quiet, too.

I already replied to you yesterday and you replied today saying that you solved it by resizing your images using Regenerate Thumbnails plugin since, I assume, your previous medium size was very large.