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Great slide in popup

What i would like to do is just have the form popup but i want to put my own script in the form … can i do that ?

The script would be :

<script id=’sleeknoteScript’ type=’text/javascript’> (function () { var sleeknoteScriptTag = document.createElement(‘script’); etc ete

Sure, you can put any element or script inside the Slide It. All you have to do upon inserting another element is to adjust the layout of Slide It if it distorts. Cheers

that’s great thanks …

also i’m wondering …. is it possible to have it display just once to a visitor (?) or does it always popup on every page ?

This can be done without setting a cookie via javascript.


Can I’ve 3 different slide panels on the same side (eg at right)?

Thank you


sure, you can have them as many as you want :)


Hi there. I am liking the look of this plugin.

One small query;

Will it be able to stick to a banner position like this example?


Thanks, man

Sure – if you’ll need help just let me know via pm or email :) Cheers

Is this a WordPress plugin? If so I want it.

Sorry, it’s a standalone script. You could integrate it into a WP site, but you’ll need some basic html and php knowledge as it has to be done manually. Cheers


Thanks a lot :)


well I have a funky issue: I added code to my site, stylesheets too, so far everything except the “close-item” radio button is still visible. I checked the css and your rule is inside: #slideit input[type=”radio”]{ display: none; }

Do you have any clue?


EDIT: My theme has some other rules which have an effect on that radio button, everything is fine :-)

Great, glad you solved it :)

very nice work! i want to ask if this is compatible with nopcommerce site like this: http://themes.beauty.nop-templates.com/ and if it is fully customizable with greek language



thanks for your interest – i’ve replied to your email few moments ago. Cheers :)

thanks! i will try it!!

Hi i need help in setting my side if i want more than one element on this side only the first is in function. I need the feedback on top left, the video on bottom left the header and footer the gallery on top right the search at bottom right with the product image preview and the pricing table on the middle right

is it possible that you help me i tryed to set this since yesterday without any success

E-Mail: AlexanderH1@web.de



And even if i got 7 slides on a page all slides open only one element, the first on my html code thats the actual status ..

sorry i checked and some slides are disappeared i checked the whole code on differences and i have build other classes then but i donna what is wrong now sorry for making so much problems :/


Please use pm or email for support – i’ve replied you with a demo with multiple items on one page to get you started :)

Love the plugin. I would like to use it for an event registration. How is this handled in the backend?

It’s front end only so you would need to integrate it with own backend system.

Can you have multiple instances of the same type? Such as different menu tabs that can be displayed on different pages?

Hi Kevin, sorry i’ve missed your question. Sure, you can have multiple items on the same page and different ones on others.


sirstagg Purchased

wish this was a WP plugin…im lazy lol

yeah, wish i’ve had more time to make it :) anyways, it’s easy to install it manually.


sirstagg Purchased

Im still playing/try but i absolutely love it! let you know once i figured it out!



Love your script and have it working excellent. I’m trying to make the tab vertical, but I cannot get it to move right, like it is if it’s horizontally.

Do you have any ideas about how to get it to move right, using css?

Thank you.

Do you have it somewhere online so i can take a closer look? You can send me your url via pm or email.

Hello, thanks for your help! :)

Email sent :)