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What fonts are used in the forms?

The main font in the forms is Lato (hosted on Google Fonts). Others used are:

- Entypo for the icons
- We Love font Icons for icons CDN
- Lobster font for Headings

Can i use forms on Wordpress, Joomla or Drupal site?

Despite the forms are not made as a plugin or widget at this stage, they should be easily integrated into almost any CMS or custom system and adjust accordingly with some HTML and CSS knowledge.

Forms aren’t displaying properly in my browser, what should i do?

Non CSS3 browser
- If you are using older browser, which doesn’t support CSS3, the forms most likely won’t work properly.

Integration issues
- Check the Quick installation section in documentation
- If you try to implement the form into CMS or custom system, you need to adjust the html structure and css accordingly to your template layout.

The forms aren’t working / sending any data and information, what’s wrong?

The forms are made as a HTML and CSS layout, but for them to work, you need a server side script, which is not provided with the item.

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