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Is there a way to have the current date and time auto-populate? Example: select single date would display 02.11.2015, however you could still click the field and select another date from the calendar. Thank you so much.

Hello! You can set the date with the value attribute like this: <input type=”text” name=”date” id=”date” value=”12.11.2015”>

Regards, Voky

Thanks. How would I pull the current time into the value via JS. Example: var dateObject = new Date(); document.getElementById(“date”).innerHTML = dateObject.toLocaleDateString();

Thank you so much!

No worries. I figured it out. Thanks!

Hi! I switched my server to PHP v. 5.4 and get this ERROR massage, and no e-mails send: PHP Warning: mail(): Multiple or malformed newlines found in additional_header on line 53

What I have to modify in the php file to make it work with the newer servers? Thanks.

Hello. Can you please send me a support email with a link to your page?

Regards, Voky

How is submitted the form? you know when he was sent a email?

Hello. Sorry, but i don’t understand the question.

Regards, Voky


mhosthk Purchased

I suggest can support jquery autocomplete more friendly(maybe css style can use)

Hello. Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll think abot adding this feature.

Reagrds, Voky

Hi Voky. Great Plugin. I have 2 quick pre-sales questions. Regarding the input mask feature.

1) Is it possible to configure the character that displays in the mask where you currently have “X” displayed? Our client wants to display “” (underscore character) instead of “X”. Example … instead of (XXX) XXX-XXXX … they want it displayed as () -___.

2) Is it possible to display the input mask when the form element loads … instead of just when clicking within that form element?

Thanks and great work.


No problem ;)

Client just approved the purchase. Thanks again. Buying now.

Great, thanks!

Dear author, I’m using a modal form and I’ve been trying to tweak it to work properly on a mobile device. The top and bottom get cut off (even on a small form) and you can’t scroll vertically to get to the submit button (iOS and Android).

Just send you a profile message.

Please let me know, thanks.

Any suggestions on dealing with overly restrictive email addresses? Form contents get sent fine when I use gmail email account, but not when I use comcast email account???

Yes, i think it’s a good solution for this situation.

Do you know anything about SPF records? Could this be a possible solution?

No, didn’t hear about SPF records.

Hello Voky Nice work, but all forms work …. less demo-ORDER-form mail function is on, on my server Any idea Thank You very much

Got your email!

yes let me send You again that email and I send You a mesaage from here to support email but something was crazy in my computer, so I had to reboot and I don’t know if support mail was sent, was a text with examples link Could You confirm me please

Forget it, soooooorrrrry I have it

Forget it, soooooorrrrry I have it

An ABSOLUTE pleasure to work with this … !!! Very very helpful. Big compliment !!!

Thanks a lot my friend! :)

Hello Voky 1st before all Happy New Year keep giving us amazing work please !!! 2nd – I’m sorry, I do not want disturb, but any news about update, I need work with that form (order) Thank You Regards,

Hello my friend! Thanks a lot, wishing you Happy New Year too! I was hoping to finish this update before holidays, but didn’t have much time. So tomorrow i’ll get to my workplace and finish it.

Regards, Voky

HI, I like your form. Is it possible for mailchimp integration to capture and save email address. I want to switch my form to yours but this is essential for my customers.

Hello. Can you please send me a link to your current form and i’ll take a look what we can do.

Regards, Voky

Here are two urls for my current forms. I currently use Jotform. http://goo.gl/Ek1Qnx, http://goo.gl/249456

If you have some skills in html/css i think you can replace that forms with Sky Forms Pro.

Regards, Voky

Hi there

Are multiple file attachments supported yet?


Hello. No, not supported yet.

Regards, Voky