SimpleSliders.Net - jQuery Sliders In ASP.NET

SimpleSliders.Net - jQuery Sliders In ASP.NET - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

It is .NET library which contains custom web controls to show simple jQuery sliders.
It has the following 4 jQuery Sliders from free web resources.

  1. Basic Slider
  2. Parallax Content Slider
  3. 3D Gallery
  4. Crafty Slide


  • Easily setup for projects.
  • No Need to add JavaScript code for jQuery Sliders.
  • Compatible with .NET Framework 3.5, 4.0 and 4.5.
  • Create data source (DataTable, IList, or any other data source) and bind with slider.
  • Add in visual studio toolbox to drag and drop on web form.

Guidelines for adding slider control in web page:

  • Copy the SimpleSliders.Net.dll in /bin folder of your project
  • After adding dll in /bin, add this dll in toolbox to drag and drop on web page
  • You can also add slider manually in web page as

    Register in web page

                <%@ register assembly="SimpleSliders.Net" namespace="SimpleSliders.Net" tagprefix="slider" %>

    Use in your web page

    <slider:craftyslide id="ucSlider" autostart="true" runat="server" /&gt

    Css files for sliders are embedded into library dll. You can also provide one or more css files externally by setting slider property ‘CssFiles’
          <slider:craftyslide id="ucSlider" autostart="true" cssfiles="~/ExternalCSS/CraftySlide/slider.css" 
              runat="server" /&gt
          <slider:craftyslide id="ucSlider" autostart="true" cssfiles="~/ExternalCSS/CraftySlide/slider.css,~/ExternalCSS/CraftySlide/slider2.css," 
              runat="server" /&gt

    Bind with DataSource

    DataSource can be DataTable, IList or any other IEnumerable data source. Data Source should contain any of these fields/columns.

    • ItemTitle (Displays the image caption)
    • ItemMediaUrl (The src/url of image)
    • ItemDetails (The details of slider item)
    • ReadMoreText (Set read more button text. It is used in Parallax Content Slider)
    • ReadMoreUrl (Set read more url)
    • ReadMoreTarget (Set read more href target e.g. _blank)

    Bind in C# Code
    ucSlider.DataSource = {YourDataSource}