User Management for ASP.NET MVC, ready to use in just 10 minutes!

Demo of the non bootstrap version using jquery ui.

Quickly integrate a complete user management system into your mvc application. Install this component using a nuget package and you are pretty much good to go, saving you a lot of boilerplate code you’d have to write otherwise. The good news is that it only costs 5$, which is a lot cheaper then the hours you’d have to put in to create your own, so safe today!

What you’ll get
  • Create / Edit / Delete user accounts
  • Lock and unlock users
  • Reset users passwords
  • Assign roles to users and manage available roles
  • Uses ajax based datatables to scale to thousands of users
  • Fully translatable using .NET resource files
  • Easy installs through NuGet packages

The library uses membership and doesn’t require any extra tables in the database. So it easily integrates in existing applications using membership. This can also be used like an seperate utility to manage users in applications that don’t have a user management interface.

Use HTTP Basic Authentication for IIS and ASP.NET Membership