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Plugin Information

Simple System Info is easy to use plugin that will show you many useful data about your server related to your WordPress website. This includes server, PHP, mySQL, WordPress information, full content of PHP Info, mySQL Info and all WordPress database tables.

Show most important server, mySQL and PHP information

Show most important server, mySQL and PHP information All information is split into 5 panels, with main one showing important server related information (also PHP and mySQL). Full PHP and mySQL information has own info panels.

List of all database tables with various information

List of all database tables with various information Database panel shows all tables with color coded default and shared tables. Includes information about tables size, records, auto increment, engine, collation, overhead and status.

Quick information on the administration dashboard

Quick information on the administration dashboard Administration dashboard shows quick information overview (for administrators only) with link to the main plugin panel.

Main Features

  • Show main server information server, operating system, hostname, ip and port.
  • Status for PHP error logging and error log file location.
  • Main PHP settings: version, memory, post size, upload size and more.
  • Important Apache modules status: security, ssl, setenvif, rewrite.
  • Important PHP extensions status: zLib, cURL, GD, APC, PEAR.
  • WordPress information version, count of users by role, plugins and themes...
  • Color coded overview of all database tables used by WordPress.
  • Database tables information: engine, status, records, size, overhead and more.
  • Full PHP Info content from php_info() function.
  • Detailed mySQL server information from mysql system settings table.
  • Function and shortcodes to access most important system information.
  • Admin Dashboard widget with quick information about the system.

Other Features

  • Support for WordPress multisite/network mode
  • Supports translation and includes POT file.


Version 2.6 / 2014.04.17.

  • Added: compatibility with the latest WordPress 3.9
  • Improved: few visual improvements to the main interface

Version 2.5 / 2013.12.27.

  • Added: information about important Apache modules
  • Added: mySQL server overview includes overhead information
  • Fixed: several visual issues with WordPress 3.7/3.8
Full changelog available on plugins home page