This store locator enables users to search for defined locations (stored in a database) by presenting the results inside a Google Map but also in a list on the side (that includes a pagination if the results returned are more than the defined results limit). It also enable the users to view the street view of any selected location.


- Uses the latest Google Maps API (version 3).
- No API key required!
- Search locations by address, postal code, city or country.
- Geocodes the given addresses and returns the closest results.
- Unlimited categories can be added and used as filters.
- Each category can have its own image or logo.
- Each location can have its own image or logo as well.
- Supports an AJAX side menu displaying the list of locations.
- Pagination supported in results display (uses AJAX ).
- Street view supported.


- 16 mar 2011: made the address parameter optional. If no address is specified returns the list of locations and removes the distance display on the side menu.

Demo on this page:

WordPress version

You can find the WordPress Plugin on this page: Advanced WordPress Store Locator