Simple Social Inbox - Facebook, Twitter, Google+

Latest News & Updates:

  • New Website with easier to view Documentation and Support: – check it out!
  • Updated to support Facebook personal feed and Groups (along with existing Facebook Page support)
  • Updated to support WordPress 4.1
  • Important: LinkedIn support will stop after May 11th 2015 as LinkedIn is changing their API, we’re working hard to implement a new solution so this feature continues to function. There may be some time where LinkedIn features will not work at all.
  • Updated to support LinkedIn Groups and LinkedIn Social Feed
  • Thanks! This plugin just won the Best Social Plugin competition

Features at a glance:

  • Share a Blog Post to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn with a single button! (watch the video)
  • Track the number of clicks each social network generates
  • All your social posts, replies, tweets, @mentions and comments in one place (watch the video)

Take control of your WordPress Social Marketing with this easy to use plugin.

The Simple Social Inbox shows your messages from all your different social accounts in one easy to manage location. Let you and your staff manage posts/messages/replies from multiple Facebook Pages, Twitter Accounts, Google+ Pages and LinkedIn Groups. This Premium WordPress plugins allows you to easily share content to your Social networks. There is also a tracking feature so you can see which Social Network is generating the most click throughs.


Archive and search through messages. Unread messages are highlighted. Perfect plugin if you manage multiple Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn accounts. The type of messages shown in the Simple Social Inbox are as follows:

  • Facebook Page Posts by Page Admins
  • Facebook Page Posts by Other Users
  • Facebook Page Direct Messages
  • Facebook Page Picture and Link Posts
  • Facebook Group Posts by Page Admins
  • Facebook Group Posts by Other Users
  • Facebook Group Picture and Link Posts
  • Facebook Personal Feed Updates (not page or group)
  • Twitter Direct Messages
  • Twitter @mentions / replies
  • Twitter Retweets
  • Twitter Timeline Posts
  • Google+ Page Posts
  • Google+ Page Comments
  • LinkedIn Group Messages
  • LinkedIn Social Feed

Easy Blog Marketing:

  • Share a blog post to multiple Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn accounts with a push of a button
  • Track link clicks between your different social accounts to see which one brings the most visitors

Twitter Features:

  • Post new Tweets and Picture Tweets
  • Reply to Tweets, Direct Messages and @mentions
  • Track which WordPress user sent the Social message

Facebook Features:

  • Post new Page Messages (Link Posts, Picture Posts and Normal Wall Posts)
  • Reply to Facebook Page Comments
  • Reply to Facebook Page Direct Messages
  • Post new Group Messages (Link Posts, Picture Posts and Normal Wall Posts)
  • Reply to Facebook Group Comments
  • Post and Reply to Facebook personal feed messages
  • Track which WordPress user sent the Social message
  • Google+ Features:

    • Post new Google+ Page Messages to your followers from within WordPress
    • Reply to Google+ Page Comments
    • Track which WordPress user sent the Social message

    LinkedIn Features:

    • Important Notice: LinkedIn will stop working after May 11th 2015 – LinkedIn is changing their API and it might not be possible to offer these features any more. We’re working with LinkedIn to try and find an alternative way to offer these features after the cuttoff date.
    • Post new LinkedIn Group Messages from within WordPress
    • Reply to LinkedIn Group Post Comments
    • Import LinkedIn social feed from your connections
    • Reply to posts from your connections
    • Track which WordPress user sent the Social message

    Link Tracking:

    • Track link clicks from your social messages
    • Compare which Social account or medium gets the most clicks from your posts


    Here is the Inbox view, showing messages from multiple Social accounts in one place. The bold items are unread. You can search through messages and view archived messages.

    Simple Social Inbox

    Here is the “Compose” window. Here you can easily send a Social Message to multiple Facebook and Twitter accounts at the same time. You can choose different types of Facebook messages (wall, picture, link) and different types of Twitter messages (picture, normal).

    Compose a message to Facebook and Twitter at the same time

    Here is the “Sent” window. This shows after you send a social message to multiple social accounts. Here you can track how many clicks each social message gets.

    Track link clicks in Social Messages from WordPress


    Here is a video showing how the plugins manages replying to Twitter @mentions, Facebook and Google+ Page comments:

    Here is a video showing how easy it is to share your WordPress blog post on multiple Facebook Pages, Twitter Accounts and Google+ Pages with a single button push. Track link clicks as well. Great for your online Social Marketing campaigns:

    Here is a video showing how you can reply to Twitter direct messages from within WordPress using the Simple Social Inbox plugin:

    Here is a video showing how to link your Facebook and Twitter accounts to WordPress:

    Note: the plugin checks for new messages every 10 minutes. Please contact your hosting provider to ensure the WordPress cron job is setup correctly.


    • Important: a PHP 5 hosting account that supports cURL and no safe mode. Please ask your hosting provider about this before purchase.
    • A Twitter account
    • A Twitter app (create from here – instructions in UCM Settings area)
    • A Normal Facebook Account
    • A Facebook Business Page (create from here) with Admin access
    • A Normal Google+ Account
    • A Google+ Page Account with Management Rights


    Please visit for any Support questions.

    Change log

    Version 1.51 - 2014-05-28 - google+ fix for php open_basedir / safe mode hosting accounts
    Version 1.52 - 2014-05-29 - headers_sent() bug fix
    Version 1.53 - 2014-06-09 - https fix
    Version 1.54 - 2014-07-11 - custom Facebook API support
    Version 1.55 - 2014-09-03 - stripping WP shortcodes from messages
    Version 1.56 - 2014-11-04 - fix for Google+ page names
    Version 1.561 - 2014-11-04 - fix for automatic updates
    Version 1.562 - 2014-11-17 - Google+ GAPS cookie fix to help login
    Version 1.6 - 2015-03-26 - LinkedIn Initial Support Added