Simple POS - Point of Sale Made Easy

Simple POS - Point of Sale Made Easy

Simple POS is PHP and jQuery based web application. This is suitable for small and medium businesses/organization.

The update v3.0 has been redesigned to suite it to most of the businesses. Now you can have the option to handle multiple bills with hold bill option

  1. Simple User Interface
  2. Products with taxes
  3. Barcode and Label Printing page
  4. Add customer without leaving POS Screen
  5. Hold bills option to save it in open bills
  6. Discount (now you can add different discount to each sale)
  7. Edit Product Price, Quantity, Sale tax and discount from POS
  8. Check today’s sales and load nay open bill without leaving POS Screen
  9. Print or Email receipts
  10. Barcode scanner/reader compatible
  11. Settings
    • Enable/Disable On-Screen Keyboard
    • Date Format (Select any from 6 available)
    • Set Product Display for POS (By Name, By Photo or By Both)
    • Set defaults tax rate, discount, category, customer, barcode symbology, Site Name, Receipt Header/Footer.
  12. Reports
    • Daily Sales
    • monthly Sales
    • Custom Sales Report
    • Top Products
    • Custom Product Report

Request feature for next update

We are accepting the feature requests till 15th April 2015. Please email your detailed request to Thank you

Live Demo Details

Role: username / password
Admin: / 12345678
Sales staff: / 12345678


Please visit the link below to set Simple POS timezone.

Installation Note:

You will need internet connectivity to install this item.

Update v3.0 (6th December 2013)

  • Improved User Interface
  • Improved Products to have taxes attached
  • Added Barcode and Label Printing page
  • Improved Open bills
  • Add discount (now you can add different discount to each sale)
  • Improved POS Sale Screen
  • Improved Setting page
  • Added/improved reports
  • Fixed all known errors/bugs

Update v2.0 (25th March 2013)

  • Added Hold Bill Option (Different, Open & Running Bill for each customer)
  • Unlimited Category and Products
  • Modified Today’s Sale
  • Calendar view of daily and monthly Sales
  • Added POS Setting to change the number of categories and product for POS Screen
  • Redirected to View Invoice Page for printing (Easy Invoice Printing After Sale).

Update 1.0.1 – 4th Feb 2013

  • Fixed left menus
  • Added change password link to menus
  • Added Go to Settings Link on all pages
  • Added Total Payable on POS Sale Screen
  • allowed . in Paid field on payment
  • Changed the date format on Today’s Sale
  • Updated on 13th Feb 2013
  • Corrected the Product count as Total Item on payment was wrong.
  • Fixed the edit user bug