Simple Invoice Manager - Invoicing Made Easy

Simple Invoice Manager – Invoicing Made Easy V2.0 is available with Products modules, payment options, advance reports and new theme. Download and update today!

Simple Invoice Manager is a php based web app to manage your invoices/payments/quotations/customers. You can call this open & responsive invoice management solution.

User Interface is very easy and simple. There are 3 user levels, admin, sales and view only. Reports including Daily Sales, Monthly Sales and Custom search invoice/payment reports.

Settings menu to change logo sand update other settings easily.

This is fully responsive web app utilizing the power of CodeIgniter and Bootstrap.

Live Demo Details

Role: username / password
Admin: / 12345678
Sales staff: / 12345678

Installation Note:

You will need internet connectivity to install this item.


Update 2.2 (25th March 2014)

  • Added discount option.
  • Fixed products auto suggestion issue.

Update 2.1 (9th December 2013)

  • Added Products Import by CSV File.
  • Added shipping cost option to invoice/quotations.
  • Added Total in words on view/download/email invoice.
  • Updated the settings page

Update 2.0 (5th December 2013)

  • Added Products Module.
  • Added Payment option to add/record invoice payments.
  • changed theme
  • Added Simple Event Calendar (Shared or Private)
  • Improved Reports
  • Added option to restrict sales for sales staff
  • Added date format

Update 1.2 (29th April 2013)

  • Improved Customer Selection.
  • Add Invoice Status (Cancelled, Overdue, Paid, Pending).
  • Improved Sales List and Reports to have column total and status update.
  • Fixed Update invoice/quotation issues.
  • Improved Security.

Update 1.1 (8th April 2013)

  • Displayed Custom Fields on Invoice/Quotation Page.
  • Added send email as pdf along with html version.
  • Fixed custom field 5 and 6 issues.

Update 1.0 (14th March 2013)

  • Added column filter for sales and quotes list
  • Added created by for new invoice and quotation