Simple Clipboarder with URL Shortener Service

Simple Clipboarder 1.3 with URL Shortener Service
January 22nd 2015

allows you to offer/have a multilinguage, online clipboard to share texts and URLs between different devices – URL Shortener Sevice included

since SCB 1.3 just a small fix for inserting the shortkeys into the database

since SCB 1.2 14 Bootstrap Templates, email redirection (mailto), badwords filter, French language Pack, some fixes and improvements, more info can be found in the changelog below …

New since V1.1 sharing produced Short URLs with email, added follow link function, some improvements, more info can be found in the changelog below …

Austria Germany Great Britain USA Australia France


- posting of any text or single URL
- autodeletion of content, if wished by enduser and enabled in the config
- redirect, if content is a single URL or EMail wished by enduser and enabled in the config
- easy to change or add frontend languages (English, Deutsch (Sie), Deutsch (Du) included)
- language switcher included
- ready to use ajax contact form Goodie
- main functions have a non-JS fallback
- badwords list - ...


- mysql 5.x
- php 5.x
- enabled mod_rewrite

Changelog – current Version: 1.3 January 22nd 2015

Updates V1.3 January 22nd 2015

  • fixed: inserting rare possible shortkeys like “3E34” (exponential number) caused database insert troubles

Updates V1.2 September 19th 2014

  • fixed: contact form was working, but there were display troubles
  • added: URL-Redirection is used for email addresses too (mailto)
  • added: badwords filter for the content
  • added: 13 more styles – now there’re 14 Bootstrap 2.3.2 Styles (bootswatch)
  • added: French translation files, special thanks to gnubox (Pierre-Philippe)
  • improved: language switcher is dynamic now

Updates V1.1 June 7th 2013

  • added possibility to share Short URL to Clipboard via email
  • added “Follow Link” function next to generated URL
  • autoselect redirect for URL Shortener Service
  • added missing translations
  • footer improvements for smoother responsitivity
  • languagecheck (langcheck) implemented – useful for language updates

initial Release V1.0 June 5th 2013

happy clipboarding :)