Simple Clipboarder with URL Shortener Service

Simple Clipboarder with URL Shortener Service - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

Simple Clipboarder 1.1 with URL Shortener Service June 7th 2013

allows you to offer/have an online clipboard to share texts and URLs between different devices – URL Shortener Sevice included

New since V1.1 sharing produced Short URLs with email, added follow link function, some improvements, more info can be found in the changelog below …

Austria Germany Great Britain USA Australia


- posting of any text or single URL
- autodeletion of content, if wished by enduser and enabled in the config
- redirect, if content is a single URL wished by enduser and enabled in the config
- easy to change or add frontend languages (English, Deutsch (Sie), Deutsch (Du) included)
- language switcher included
- ready to use ajax contact form Goodie
- main functions have a non-JS fallback


- mysql 5.x
- php 5.x
- enabled mod_rewrite

Changelog – current Version: 1.1 June 7th 2013

Updates V1.1 June 7th 2013

  • added possibility to share Short URL to Clipboard via email
  • added “Follow Link” function next to generated URL
  • autoselect redirect for URL Shortener Service
  • added missing translations
  • footer improvements for smoother responsitivity
  • languagecheck (langcheck) implemented – useful for language updates

initial Release V1.0 June 5th 2013

happy clipboarding :)