Inspired by the step by step movements of the shuffle dance and the new Metro UI look, Shuffling Tiles combines elements from both and then some, producing a versatile, animated and compact webpage widget. Use it when you have lot’s of information that you want to fit in a small area, and you want to present it in a lively, original and interactive way.


Supports Deep Linking.
Each tile can have a unique URL attached to it. This is useful for SEO optimization & enhanced usability through back button support.

Responsive & mobile friendly.
The grid can be set to automatically respond to different page-widths, including a special layout for mobile devices.

Customization Galore
The plugin features lots of customization options, including setting:
- different animation speeds and types
- tiles dimensions for width, height and padding
- the grid layout, with a choice of upto 4 different styles, and whether the layout is fixed or responsive
- the number of tiles

CSS Based Styling
The look and feel is fully customizable using just CSS. Fine-grained control over the grid tiles is made easy, with over 25 different CSS classes provided by the plugin to cover any tile’s shape and state.

Event System
A basic events system, for advanced JavaScript customization.

Extensive Documentation
Extensive documentation, with over 10 pages of detailed documentation, many containing interactive examples, code samples and diagrams.