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Can I edit the text of the plugin?

Yes, all the text in the plugin is fully customizable. The plugin is also translation ready.

Can I limit the amount of votes an entry gets?

No, you cannot. All entries are shown randomly and you can edit the “Skip” button at the bottom to ask your visitor to skip the image if they’ve already voted and it shows up again.

Are the images displayed in any order?

No, they are shown completely randomly.

How many entries can I make?

Unlimited, or as big as your hosting account storage is.

Can users submit their own entries, for instance their own images?

Not using the plugin directly, but you can collect entries via any contact form. You will still have to manually create an entry in the “Competitor” custom post type.

Can I restrict repeat voting?

Yes, we’ve implemented a IP restriction feature in v1.3 that allows a repeat vote on a “Hot or Not” contest to not be counted towards the total.

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