Showbiz Pro Responsive Teaser jQuery Plugin

Showbiz Pro Responsive Teaser jQuery Plugin

Showbiz Pro Responsive Teaser jQuery Plugin
Time to go Pro!

Showbiz Pro is a highly customizable plugin to show you or your customer’s services, portfolio items, blog contents… basically all business information thinkable.

What makes this item unique is that you can define everything(Captions, Preview, Details etc.) via CSS or HTML or jQuery plugin option which gives you Unlimited Layout Possibilites. Please check out the examples to see for example how a small preview view expands to a rich detailed panoramic view. All fits nicely in the designated area.

Try our examples, check the sourcecode toggle and also resize the screen for a responsive preview. Or check it out with your tablet (of course it works on every modern browser (including IE8) and on iOS(iPad,iPhone) and Android mobile devices)!

The given examples of the preview are included in the download zip and mean an awesome starting point to build your own Showbiz out of it. Put the JS and CSS links in the head/footer of your HTML site and build an unsorted list of items and insert your HTML.

The images seen in the preview are licensed from fotolia and are NOT included in the download. The download of this template contains placeholder images with dimension labels.

  • Fully Responsive & Mobile Optimized (Smartphones & Tablets)
  • Drag & Scroll Function
  • Smart Loading of Embeded Videos (YouTube and Vimeo)
  • Light Weight jQuery and CSS
  • Retina Ready Icons via Font Face Icons
  • Unlimited Slides
  • iPhone & Android Swipe Touch enabled
  • FullWidth and Single Width Reveals
  • Customizable 100% via Plugin Parameters / CSS / HTML
  • Easy installation in your Website
  • Fast CSS3 & jQuery Engine
  • Fancybox 2 Lightbox Plugin on Multi Domain License included ($89 Value)
  • Detailed Documentation included!
  • Example pages included!
  • Set Amount of Entries in 4 Level for Responsive Look
  • Drag & Scroll Function
  • Navigation Arrow can be added anywhere in the DOM
  • Predefined Helper Classes
  • FullWidth and Single Width Reveals
  • Smart Loading of Embeded Videos (YouTube and Vimeo)
  • Undependent or Different height of Entries
  • One by One or Intelligen Page Scroll
  • Various and Dynamic Height of Fullwidth Reveal
  • 5+1 Demo Files in Source
  • Different Layout within one Teaser possible
  • Leight Weight jQuery and CSS
  • Fits in any Container
  • Clever Prepared Helper Classes
  • Unlimited Layout Possibilites

Version 1.6.3 – 27.03.2014

  • Fixed Last Item Position Calculation when option “Rewind from End” was activated

Version 1.6 – 04.03.2014

  • Auto Scroll Failure – Wrong calculation of Amount of Elements by Scroll

Version 1.5.8 – 28.02.2014

  • Removed unneeded Animations if less shown elements than spaces exist
  • Fixed button change image/remove image inside Slide Editor for images

Version 1.5.6 – 19.02.2014

  • Minor Bugfixes

Version 1.5.4 – 05.02.2014

  • If container size smaller than 100px, the size will no change !

Version 1.5.2 Release Date 22.01.2014

  • Feature: Grab Open Hand, and Closed Hand added to Drag and Scroll function
  • Bug Fix: Rewind from End issue when Drag & Scroll was selected

Version 1.5.1 Release Date 09.01.2014

  • Bug Fix: FF Failure since version 1.5

Version 1.5 Release Date 08.12.2013

  • Feature: Lazy Loading now available through Slider Settings
  • Change: a new Drag and Scroll Engine for much smoother and better User Experience.
  • Bug Fix: Android Drag and Scroll.

Version 1.4.2 Release Date 13.12.2013

  • Bug Fix: Compatibility Issue between Slider Revolution Older Version and Showbiz 1.4.1+

Version 1.4.1 Release Date 13.12.2013

  • Bug Fix: Swipe Engine on Android Google Chrome Browser did not worked well. Changed against Hammer

Version 1.4 Release Date 29.11.2013

  • Feature: Force Full Width in case the Slider is added in the boxed container
  • Feature: Left/Right Auto Scroll

Version 1.3.1 Release Date 24.09.2013

  • Changed Animation Engine to GreenSock Engine
  • New Feature: Added Easing Options for Slide Animations
  • Fixed Carousel Position Calculation
  • Fixed Navigation Buttons Bug if Navigation Buttons are not existing

Version 1.3 Release Date 24.09.2013

  • Changed Order of Loading the used Plugin to make sure no”undefined” failure appears in Debug Window

Version 1.2.7 Release Date 26.06.2013

  • bug fix: More then 50 Elements in the same Row Support
  • bug fix: Disappearing Thumbs after fast Resizing

Version 1.2.6 Release Date 17.06.2013

  • support: jQuery 1.7 – 2.0 all jQuery library supported

Version 1.2.5 Release Date 28.05.2013

  • change: Carousel clones Items if amount of entry is less then needed.

Version 1.2.4 Release Date 21.05.2013

  • added new features and skin for Commerce Usage. Showing Rating Stars.
  • fixed Vimeo Problem.

Version 1.2.2 Release Date 15.05.2013

  • added options:
    • rewindFromEnd:”on” / “off” to reweind the slider if the positio reached the first / last position.
    • autoPlay:”on” / “off” – Turns Auto Scroll on/off (default is off)
    • delay:3000 (3s) the Delay between the auto scrolls.
    • speed:300 (0,3s) the speed ot the animations
  • If Drag&Drop function is activated, autoPlay stops at last item and restarts when manuall scroll happened

Version 1.2.2 Release Date 14.05.2013

  • fixed Drag function on iPad
  • fixed clicks on iOS
  • IE8 Overscroll Failure fixed

Version 1.2.1 Release Date 03.05.2013

  • added three new SKIN (Modern, Retro Light and Retro Dark)
  • Fixed Scroll Functions
  • Fixed Height Issues at Loading

Version 1.2 Release Date 08.04.2013

  • added feature to drag and scroll together with navigation buttons
  • added feature to scroll in position by overscroll with drag & scroll