Show Image in Placeholder/Target Box - jQuery

Show Image in Placeholder/Target Box – jQuery

Show in Place Holder plug-in is developed to show an image to place holder / target box. Plug-in can be used to showcase image portfolios, product images, software screenshots or any dam thing that you want to display to place holder / target box by clicking / hovering image thumbs or anchor links.

Plug-in provides facility to apply more than 20 animation effects to show image to place holder / target box. You can also add description text of an image.

Plug-in Features

  • Show in place holder plug-in can be defined on image thumb, anchor link or any HTML tag
  • You can define content text either in “content” option of plug-in initialization or define data-content=’#contentID’ and define content inside Content Goes Here
  • 20 different animation styles
  • 4 styles for show content e.g. fly, curtain, fade, tocenter/fromcenter

Note: To make a faster load you should resize image dimensions as per place holder / target box

Change Log

Thanks all who had purchased this plug-in & suggested to add more features into plug-in. Below are change log for plug-in features which were not included in first version of the plug-in.

v1.0.0 - 5th Jun 2012
First release