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This is an easy to integrate shoutbox that you can use also as chat. The installation is really easily: You have just to upload one file, follow the introductions and that’s it! With just 27kb, PHP5 OOP and jQuery powered it also very fast and looks also good.


  • Ajax powered (no page reloads needed!)
  • You have to upload just ONE file to get the shoutbox running/install it.
  • Over 30 smilies included
  • Very easy to integrate into any existing (X)HTML or PHP page on your site
  • Cross browser support (IE6+, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera and more)
  • Yery, very small: About 27kb (including jQuery, JavaScripts, images and all the rest)
  • Magic quotes compatible
  • XSS secure
  • SQL-Injection protected
  • UTF-8 support
  • Shoutbox uses just 1 css file
  • Clean PHP5 OOP code (very well commented!)
  • Valid XHTML
  • Simple and elegant user interface
  • Smooth transitions
  • SPAM protection
  • Smilie support
  • Really simple installation
  • Uses standard PHP server features

Server requirements:

  • PHP 5
  • MySQL database
  • A web server (preferably Linux Apache)

Update 1.3 – 08.07.2013

  • Feature/Bugfix: Added the Shoutbox without the installer
  • Bugfix: Updated some CSS for latest browser support

Update 1.2 – 18.12.2011

  • Added: Support for mobile deviced (e.g. iPhone, Android etc.)
  • Bugfix: 500 server error fixed

Update 1.1 – 05.11.2009

  • Several bug fixes
  • Added: Too long words/lines are seperated in several lines
  • Added: Posibility to disable smilies
  • Added: Login-Button added
  • Feature: BBCode: [b][/b] (bold) added
  • Feature: BBCode: [i][/i] (italic) added
  • Feature: BBCode: [url][/url] (link) added
  • Feature: BBCode: [url=][/url] (link) added

Tags: Shoutbox, Chat, Ajax, PHP, jQuery, UTF-8, Mobile

If you have questions, feel free to comment or send me a mail.

Note: Please disable safe_mode for correct working.