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Shortcode Ultimate is a very powerful plugin for creating shortcode for joomla, it’s based on wordpress shortcode ultimate plugin. it’s included 55+ essential shortcode which help you to easily manage your joomla website.

Why choose Shortcode Ultimate Plugin?

  1. Responsive Ready
  2. Easy interface and drag and drop customization
  3. Edge of technology CSS3 and HTML5 and php 5.4 ready
  4. 55+ shortcode with lot’s of variations and maximum things customization possible from admin panel
  5. Front end shortcode insert facility you can easily insert from both way admin/front-end
  6. Anywhere work any shortcode (such as in article, custom html module, k2 item etc)
  7. Preset save features available, you can easily save your current setting for near future use
  8. Live preview, you can check your shortcode in live preview with any modification will show immediately
  9. Live search facility so you can easily find your shortcode by typing 1-3 character, also have a filter feature with shortcode type

Shortcode included in this plugin

This Template Powered by Shortcode Ultimate Plugin

Effortless - Multi-purpose Joomla Template - Business Corporate

Change Log

Version 1.5.0

    + _JEXEC added in addshortcode.php
    + added new 2 shortcode (user_content, guest)
    # discussion forum compablity fixed
    # some default value fixed
    #default shortcode inserting problem was fixed
    #preview not working properly fixed
    ^ generator style updated
    ^ some language string updated
    v animate css revert
    - remove unnecessary css from component

Version 1.4.0

    # fix the prefix problem
    # call to action default value fixed
    # shortcode register function name updated
    ^ carousel slider updated
    ^ content slider updated
    ^ animate css updated
    ^ carousel and content shortcode js updated
    ^ owl carousel js updated
    ^ language string updated

Version 1.3.0

    + carousel shortcode added
    + shortcode prefix added
    # permalink issue fixed in tools.php
    ^ owl carousel updated
    + some language string added and updated
    # fix conflict with YT shortcode

Version 1.2.0

    + easy blog support added
    + all shortcode prefix added (su_)
    ^ some language string updated
    # conflict with other shortcode plugin fixed
    #wpautop() fixed
    #dummy test paragraph issue fixed
    #section background issue fixed
    #spoiler icon-square-plus-2 fixed    

Version 1.1.0

    + stop preview button added for stop live refresh in shortcode generator.
    + added some sample image for gallery and section
    + custom css loaded form template, feature added
    ^ installer css updated
    ^ font awesome updated to 4.1
    ^ font awesome cdn updated
    # fix some default value
    # fixed article delete/publish/unpublish/trash conflict issue
    # fixed dummy text paragraph issue
    # fixed some default value for first time shortcode insert with default value
    # fixed some language issue
    # fixed some minor css issue

Version 1.0.0

    Initial release

Source and Credit

Special thanks to:  Vladimir Anokhin

OWL Carousel:

Powered by Jquery:

also thanks to: gmaps.js, flickr.js, iframe-transport.js, jplayer.js, countTo.js, magnific-popup.js, qtip.js