Shiner - HTML5 Canvas Glow Effects jQuery Plugin

Shiner - HTML5 Canvas Glow Effects jQuery Plugin

Introducing Shinera HTML5 Canvas based visual effect by pixelentity. This HTML5 shine effect can be applied to images or logo and works in all recent browsers: Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari and Internet Explorer 9 as well as Mobile Safari on iPhone/iPad.

For any old browsers lacking Canvas support, such as IE7-8, the plugin will fallback to the original image preserving the page layout.

The Shiner effect may be applied to multiple element on the same page, it is extremely easy to use and only requires a single lightweight 11kb javascript file to be added to your page.

Shiner comes packed with more than 20 color gradient presents and offers a wide range of customizable options (timing, loop, angle, size, color and more). Shiner can be configured to show the shine effect as soon the image/logo loads or when mouse hovers over the element.


  • Run smoothly on iPhone/iPad iOS devices
  • Configurable duration and loop delay
  • Can reverse direction on each iteration
  • Shine effect bar has a configurable size and angle
  • Optional glow setting
  • 21 Color gradient presets
  • Lightweight, only 11kb
  • Highly optimized to run flawlessly on old hardware

Browser Support
  • iOS4+ (tested on iPhone & iPad)
  • All modern Browsers
  • IE 9

  • Download package contains 4 examples of different uses
  • Comprehensive browser based documentation included
  • Reliable Support provided through our own Support forums


Design & Development of Shiner by Pixelentity.


All content featured in this plugin preview is not owned or produced by pixelentity and are used for demonstration purposes only. None of this content is included in the download package or otherwise distributed in any way. If you have any questions or comments about any item of content used in this template demonstration, please contact us.

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