Share Photo & Tag Friends to Unlock for jQuery

Share Photo & Tag Friends to Unlock for jQuery  - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

About the plugin

This jQuery plugin allows you to lock a part of content on a web page until a user posts a photo to his Facebook profile and tags some of his friends in the posted photo.
This plugin can increase your site traffic by popularising your website on Facebook.

Also this plugin will not spam the user’s profile. The user himself chooses the friends to tag from the shown friend list, and must click on a Post button to share the photo and tag friends.

Why posting photo and tagging is so much better than like, sharing url etc

  • Being an attractive graphic, it grabs the user attention instantly. A user will at least have a look at the photo whereas in case of a url, he might not even care to visit it.
  • Friends can be tagged in the photo. Which means that the photo is seen on user’s wall, as well on the tagged friend’s wall. Their friends can also see the photo in their news feeds. The viewership is thus multiplied and reaches to friends of friends.
  • Upto 50 friends can be tagged in the photo.
  • You can add a long text comprising of links and line breaks along with the photo.


  • Hides any type of content – links, images, forms etc.
  • Shows all the user’s friends. The user can choose specific friends from the whole friend list.
  • The user can also search his friends. The user types on the keyboard and search results keep coming up just like in Facebook.
  • Customize the text that is displayed.
  • Set the no of friends to be tagged.
  • Set the photo to be posted and the photo description [ comprising of links and line breaks ]
  • Cookies remember the users who have already posted the photo.
  • Multiple instances of the plugin can be used within a web page.