Sexytop - PHP Photo Rater

Sexytop - PHP Photo Rater

Admin panel:
Username: admin
Password: admin

Update v1.2.1:
- Fixed the Age fetched from Facebook login;
- Added City field;
- Added “Edit birthdate” field in User Settings;
- Fixed the “Remove photo” function;

Update v1.2:
- Added Photos module (Pending photos, Active photos);
- Added Ratings module (Monitoring ratings – IP, date);
- Added Settings module;
- Upgraded the Comments module (Pagination, style);
- Upgraded the Users module (Pagination, Style);
- Added photos approval system;
- Upgraded the general rating system;
- Added facebook comments plugin (as a option);
- Added prev/next navigation on photos (as a option);
- Top page rebuilded (functions and style);
- Added new photo box (rebuilded);
- Added photo system (rebuilded);
- Search module fixed;
- Fixed long names bug;
- Fixed htaccess (username characters allowed);

Update v1.1:
- Facebook login & register API implemented;
- Admin comments – fixed layout bug;
- New single photo design structure;
- Social share included in single photo page;
- Comments module fixed;
- Changed login field: “email” instead of “username”;
- Security added on rating system;

Features available: - Nice clean design;
- Optimized for major browsers;
- Instant photo rate (jQuery);
- OnScroll photos instant pagination (Wookmark Plugin);
- Instant Ajax Photo Uploader;
- Instant Account create and manage;
- Administration panel;

And a lot more.

Sources and Credits:
- TimThumb
- AP Icons – Fredrick Johnason
- jQuery –
- jQuery Form –
- Wookmark Plugin –
- ImagesLoaded jQuery –
- Google WebFonts –

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