SEO Snake - Report Card Generator

SEO Snake - Report Card Generator

Need to prove to your SEO clients that your service is actually working? Generate a simple report card using SEO Snake, which lists over 15 different real-time factors.

Report Card Components

  • PageRank
  • Blacklist Records
  • Website Load Speed
  • Title, description, and keywords rating
  • Rich content rating
  • Domain mentions (similar to backlinks)
  • Image analysis
  • Header tag analysis
  • Robots.txt check
  • Inbound, outbound link analysis
  • DoFollow and NoFollow link analysis


  • No database required — Upload the files and get straight to work!
  • No signup required for external services or APIs
  • Easy to customize (for those with CSS experience)
  • Reports can be copied to clipboard, pasted into emails
  • Includes 700+ high-pagerank backlinks for manual posting


 October 14, 2014 — Version 2.1.1
  - Fixed a lot of PHP errors, notices, and warnings
  - Added a better blacklist lookup
  - Fixed and improved SEO Studio (PHP) plugin

 July 3, 2013 — Version 2.1
  - Fixed some wording issues in the SEO reports
  - Fixed issues with CURL
  - Removed file_get_contents dependency completely
  - Removed outbound links from Snake Links addon
  - Made outbound, inbound links more accurate
  - Added meta tag configuration in config.php

 April 28, 2013 — Version 2.0
  - Generate an SEO report for any web page, not just root domains
  - Improved scoring system
  - Improved ranking components to better standards
  - Added inbound and outbound link counter
  - Added DoFollow and NoFollow link counter
  - Generating reports is now faster, less resource-demanding
  - Removed some components from overall score, such as image titles