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SEO Snake is now due for an update within the next week or two.

Don’t waste your time struggling with Search Engine Optimization just yet. In the long run, if you don’t have good website format, then all your SEO work will go to waste. SEO Snake will help you format your website properly in one large SEO Report Card.

Current Features

  • Runs without the need of a database.
  • Does not use any external services or APIs (besides Google, of course!)
  • Extremely customizable, neat source-code.
  • Easy to brand to your company look, name, or feel.
  • Reports can be sent out via e-mail without loss of formatting (in most email clients).
  • Solid, metro colors and clean look.
  • Very well documented! Find the documentation here.

These report cards can be copied to the clipboard and sent directly via e-mail without losing their clean format. Note that the e-mail client must support HTML for this option.

The application also features an add-on named Snake Links, which provides over 700 different high-pagerank backlinks to help you with your optimizing.

It can be fully customized and branded to your liking, and the CSS/HTML code is neat.


Version 2.1 (July 3, 2013)

  • Recreated documentation from the ground up. Find it here. (Comes included with download)
  • Fixed some wording issues in the SEO reports.
  • Fixed issues with CURL.
  • Removed file_get_contents dependency completely.
  • Removed outbound links from Snake Links addon.
  • Made Outbound / Inbound links more accurate.
  • Added meta tag configuration in config.php.

Version 2.0

  • Generate an SEO report for any web page, not just root domains.
  • Improved scoring system.
  • Improved ranking components to better standards.
  • Added inbound and outbound link counter.
  • Added DoFollow and NoFollow link counter.
  • Cleaned up the source code for convenience of editing.
  • Improved documentation.
  • Generating reports now takes less time.
  • Removed some components from the overall score, such as image titles.

Online Documentation

The documentation is clean and very detailed. It explains what each factor is based off, and what you should aim for.

Find it on our website @