Seaside Slider is a modern content slider with a healthy separation of content, style and behavior.



Seaside Slider is one of the few sliders whose complete content is accessible with JavaScript disabled. This is good news for both the user and the search engine.


Ever visited a website on a touch device and wished that you could just swipe to navigate? Now you can, on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

You can scan the following QR code on your iOS device with camera to go to the live preview:

QR Code

Have no iOS device? Take a look at the following short video which previews Seaside Slider on the iPad:


From the transition duration to the color, you can theme Seaside Slider with CSS to fit your design seamlessly. Included in the package is a default theme, Minimal and an empty one from which you can kickstart your own theme.


You can use any HTML content inside each slide of Seaside Slider, e.g. images, video, audio, text, ...

Minimal code

Code should be efficient. That’s why the core of Seaside Slider is strong but minimal. It is build for expansion and integration.


Let’s be open. Although Seaside Slider takes performance serious, it should be noted that the smoothness of swiping on touch devices is greatly depending on the available system memory (RAM) on those devices and the number of slides being presented.

The mix

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • jQuery
  • Modernizr


Preview the documentation

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