With Search&Play Stylish Player you can run your own stylish music site. All you need to do is to edit the very light PHP site (4MB including the wallpaper files and location database) with your own information and upload the files to your own server (uses in active mode very little data traffic).

Site visitors can browse and listen to millions of songs directly on your site running this script (in a stylish way). And the best is, you don’t have to upload any music or video files on your server – never! Great APIs are searching the web for the newest music!

You can also customize the whole site, build your own functions, add ads and do a lot more, if you know a little bit of web programming. Search&Play Stylish Player can be the basis for something really great with your ideas!

Important: You need PHP5 to run Search&Play on your server.

Update Changelog

Version 1.5 (10/07/2012)
  • Clearer Code
  • Added as an additional music information: Genre, Price, Album name
  • iLike function added (you can customize very easily)
  • Draggable Player
  • Additional player buttons like hide player
  • Location based price information with currency
  • iTunes location based song links with Affiliate programm (Tradedoubler)
  • Completely new coded search function
  • Some textfield improvements
  • 20% faster