RoboVoice Speaker provides a text-to-speech service, which you can easily add to a web site. It is powered by Microsof Translator, so a lot of speaking languages are available for your users.

Version: 1.1


  • Easy text-to-speech API .
  • Automatical language detection.
  • Playing text parts one by one.
  • No dependences from extra frameworks.
  • Compatible browsers: Internet Explorer (IE6+), Chrome, FireFox, Safari, Opera.


The library uses a text-to-speech API of Microsoft Translator, so a Bing AppID is required to work with it. You can get the AppID at Bing developer center.

Please note, for a commercial application you need a license agreement from Microsoft. For more details, please, visit Translator Developer forum or email to

For a non-commercial applications, the Microsoft Translator service is free within following limitations:

  • a text size must be less 1024 chars;
  • maximum 50 requests in a minute per an IP address;
  • an attribution to Microsoft Translator (like a “powered by …” text at a web page).

Good news, RoboVoice Speaker can split a long text on chunks automatically, and play them one by one.

The library is compatible with all browsers, that can play WAV -files by an audio HTML5 element. If it is not supported, then RoboVoice falls back to Windows Media Player (WMP7+) to play the files.



Version 1.1 (12 Apr 2011)

  • Added pause and resume methods to RoboVoice class.
  • Added new examples for a talkbox, event subscriptions, using of an external audio player.
  • Fixed escaping of special chars in text in case it is wrapped by double quotes.

Version 1.0

  • Initial version.