RobotBlogger - Amazon Publisher for WordPress

RobotBlogger – Amazon Publisher WordPress plugin posts Amazon products related to any keyword you specify onto your site according to your settings and schedule. It automatically generates and schedules new product posts so your site gets regularly updated with new affiliate content completely on autopilot.


Automatically publish Amazon products for any keyword you wish
Publish specified Amazon products by inputting product ASIN number
Select which Amazon website and language to use
Define how often and how many Amazon products should be published
Input tags to be added to posts
Specify categories where products should be added
Add posts as Drafts
Define Start and End dates for your publishing project
Manage scheduled content, preview, edit, or delete

How RobotBlogger Can Help You Blog Efficiently and Profitably

Would you like to turn your website into a complete Amazon associate store generating revenue for you with NO EFFORT on your side? Would you like to add value to your website visitors by displaying related Amazon products, with description, price, and rating? Would you like to earn money for each sale you refer from your blog through Amazon’s affiliate program?

RobotBlogger – Amazon Publisher WordPress plugin lets you create full Amazon stores in a light and efficient manner. You specify a keyword and the plugin will look for matching products from Amazon and will make blog posts based on those products. The posts are scheduled according to your settings, so your blog is updated completely on autopilot.

You can create as many publishing projects as you want, posting products related to different keywords into specified blog categories. Check posting status of each project, monitor scheduled project content, manage the content to be published easily.



- Added international website to the selection
- Updated Amazon API with the latest changes


- Added ability to post specified Amazon products by inputting product ASIN number
- Added functional for plugin update through WP dashboard