Revealer - Unveil Content when it's Relevant

Revealer is a powerful and extremely useful tool to help you reveal information only when its relevant to the reader. Which means that it lets you reveal information that’s related to what the user is currently reading (ie, in a certain area in the user’s screen). You can choose to reveal almost anything you want (text, images, links, etc).

Integrating Revealer is done using simple and logical shortcode, or not using shortcode at all by using the quick integration button (TinyMCE Button) to let Revealer know what content to reveal, when, how and where.

With Revealer, the additional content (and the highlight) is revealed only when it gets in a certain section on the user’s screen, a section that you can set – so, while the content is not relevant to the user (ie, user already passed it or yet to reach it), it won’t reveal itself.

Revealer’s Features :
1. Complete control over the positioning of the Revealed content – 7 quick settings + precise positioning relative to 3 predefined positions.
2. Style your Highlighted text – Either Underline or Highlight.
3. Time the Reveal, determine what part of the screen you want the content to be revealed.
4. Match the Revealed box to your theme – control the background, border & color.
5. Put Almost anything you want in the revealed content. Easily.
6. Add Arrows.
7. 6 Revealing Effects.
8. TinyMCE plugin for easy integration, without using one line of shortcode.
9. Compatible with all major browsers.