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Hi, nice plugin, pre-sale questions:

1) Can I use this plugin with Visual Composer?

2) Can I create a full-height map with this plugin?

3) Can I use my own marker?

Thanks in advance mate


Hi, thanks for your interest. To answer the questions:

1) Yes, the plugin can be used with Visual Composer, if you place the shortcode in a Visual Composer Text Block

2) Yes, just use height=”100%” in the map shortcode.

3) Yes, you can use any link to a custom PNG image to be used as a custom marker. You can even use a company logi image as a custom marker.

Please let me know if you have further questions, Kind regards

Hello! This is a really nice and easy to handle plug-in. Actually the plug-in I was looking for.

But unfortunately the map is not shown, my custom theme could be responsible for. What are the common things (or mistakes) I should take care of to get the plug-in work correctly? I tried both, via shortcode and via echo do_shortcode( ’’ ) within the theme (which is definitely the way I need to get it towork)

Thanks in advance. Keep up the good work.

P.S. I will send you a link via e-mail. Would be awesome if you can take a look at it. Might be easier to find the issue.



Thank you!

I replied to the private email. The most probable cause is a missing/ wrong wp_footer() call in footer.php or a missing/wrong wp_head() call in the file header.php (both are theme files).

If you haven’t received my reply to the private email, please let me know and I will post it here too.

Kind regards


Hello! Thanks for the quick answer, and a solution. Problem solved. :)

I usually use <?php get_header(); ?> and <?php get_footer(); ?>, but in this case it wasn’t “enough”. Works perfectly.

Great job! :)

Looks great,

Just another pre-sale question:

I need users to find directions from one place of interest to another – Is there a demo anywhere to see how this will work with the plugin?

Also, will it have geolocation?

Thank you



Thank you for your interest. You can see in the live demo how the directions link works, for instance here: http://yava.ro/style-2/

I’m afraid that with this plugin, it’s not possible to show directions from a marker/spot on the map to another one on the map.

There is not live demo of the admin area, because in the past when I made it available, it was abused and I had to struggle with malware attacks, so I had to disable it. I’m sorry.

As for the geolocation, the plugin has a geolocation module included in the back-end (not in the front-end, not in the user interface). This means that the plugin is able to translate (in the background) a physical address you pass to the shortcode, into a latitude/longitude point that it will show on the map.

The geolocation service is called in the back-end only, you will not be able to make from the plugin front-end geolocation or reverse-geolocation calls or transformations.

Any other questions, please feel free to ask, I’ll do my best to answer. Kind regards,

Hello. Can you please post the final solution on this? I tried to add the lines above, but this seems not to work. Thanks in advance!


Hi, I received two comments, one saying that is not working, another one saying that is working. Is it shown now?


Oh. So sorry about that. This comment was referring to the question about custom icons with retina support from cunningfox two months ago. It was not my intention to open a new thread, was thinking to reply within the comments. :(

I tried to add the following lines you have mentioned there in the responsive-styled-google-maps.php, but still get the original size of the icon within the mapview. icon: { image: \''. $icon .'\' , iconsize: [56, 50] }}';

Sorry for the misunderstanding.


I apologize for being late with the answer.

The is no straightforward solution for the usage with retina support. To be able to use the plugin like that, for the other user (cunningfox ) I made a couple of changes in plugin files.

Small changes are needed, one in the third-party jquery map library I’m using (jquery.gmap.min.js) and another one in the plugin’s main file (responsive-styled-google-maps.php).

I’ll email you immediately the modified custom plugin. Also, I am planning to add this (often requested) functionality in my next update, so you’ll be able to safely update the plugin in the future.