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If I want to show an address from Tokyo, Japan, the neighborhoods are automatically translated to Japanese? Thx


Yes, Google automatically detects that the address is from Japan and it shows the streets names and so on in Japanese.

Please see this example: http://yava.ro/test89/

If you wish to try before buy another address, just let me know please and I will prepare an example.

Kind regards

Hello Greenline,

I got this awesome plugin bundled with my Trendy Travel WordPress theme. It looks great and i am happy with it so far. Only one question, how do you set the plugin to only work on Widget mode and not display automatically inside pages? the current setup on Trendy Travel theme includes a map showing automatically on the top right hand of a Hotel post. Please help.

Thanks, Allan

I want to use a shortcode and widget specific to a page rather than loading the same map styling as shown on that page on the link i have sent.

Then I’m afraid you’ll have to create a child theme first (maybe you already have one, this is usually necessary when you have theme custom changes, to be able to safely update the parent theme in the future). The theme’s author can give you more details about how to create this, in fact it’s quite easy.

After you have the child theme created, just open for editing the Hotel Details Page Template and you’ll have to search in its code something like php echo do_shortcode(‘res_map…) and remove it.

Then you’ll be able to use shortcode and custom style in the hotel page editor, the way you wish.

Is this helpful a bit? If you already have a child theme created, send me some login details please and I could help with this.

Thanks. Let me go through the code. Very Helpful. :bigsmile:

Good plugin, hi, is it possible to show a video in that small popup that opens when you click the pin?


Yes, it is possible, I’ve prepared a demo for this: http://yava.ro/test93/

Kind regards

Pre-purchase question: We’re building a site with many locations (100+). We’d like to be able to sort map results by location and business divisions, as well as find locations near you. After the filter by location/division, we’d like a click through to a detail page for any single location displaying 4-6 contacts per location.

Can your plugin handle this? Can the data be imported, or will each page need a unique build.

Many thanks.

Hi, unfortunately you will not be able to accomplish the detail page part with this plugin and also the plugin does not have an import feature. Also, as you can see in the admin screenshot: http://yava.ro/images/panel.png having a shortcode with 100 locations will be a bit harder to maintain. I’d suggest for your use case another mp plugin which doesn’t use shortcodes. Kind regards

Hey, nice plugin, I was wondering: I saw there is a feature to add a search box to the map, where the users can search for a location. This feature can be enabled/disabled? Or is there all the time?


Thank you! The search box is a feature that can be easily enabled/disabled using in the shortcode a parameter named searchbox=”yes” or “searchbox=”no”. Have a great day/evening!

I would like our customers to be able to click the phone number when viewing the map on their mobile device so they can make a call directly to the store, is this possible? If so, I’d welcome advice on making it happen

Hi and thank you for using my plugin!

To create that so called click-to-call, simply mark the phone number as a link, use the tel: scheme, like this:

<a href="tel:+1-303-499-7111">+1 (303) 499-7111</a>

Please see the example I’ve prepared here: http://yava.ro/test97 , the map and below it the shortcode which generates it, having in the popup window a click-to-call phone number.

More details about using click-to-call can be found also in this small but useful article: https://developers.google.com/web/fundamentals/device-access/click-to-call/click-to-call?hl=en

Hoping it helps a bit, kind regards

You demo isn’t showing up?

Hi, thank you for telling me! It was a temporary issue with the cache and memory, due to my web hosting provider, it is working now. Have a great day and thanks again for telling me!

Looks easy to use. Before buying, can I see a map of Amsterdam city (Netherlands) with all controls off (but with search box) and if possible with points of interests off? I would like to see it with style named 37 from here: http://yava.ro/style-37/

Thanks in advance for help!


Thank you for your interest! I’ve prepared the example, I hope it helps, if you need more demos, please let me know :)


Kind regards

Pre-Purchase question:

It is possible to link blog posts categories to a map and show the points on the map, and show which posts for each point below the map?


Thank you for your interest!

What you could do is to have a list of categories and when you click on a category, the specific point on the map is shown up, like in this example: http://yava.ro/list/ Then in the popups, you can put links to specific posts…

I’m not sure if I understand correctly: each category will be linked to a corresponding map with more points? Or each category will be linked to a specific point on the map? Maybe something like restaurants, hotels, airports categories in the left and when you click airports you see all the airports on the map? And when you click an airport point on the map, you’ll see the corresponding posts below the map?

I think it can be accomplished with some advanced jQuery coding, maybe if you’ give me a more specific use-case, I could even prepare an example…

Kind regards

I had a free plugin similar to this one for a while and it stopped working… I then tried several others, their free version where not working great and the pro versions had far more too many options I would not use.

Responsive Styled Google Maps is easy to use, works great and the maps are beautiful.

I have only one little issue, the pop-up window is very thin in a mobile and the address is cut at the right. Is there a way I can fix this?

Hi, thank you so much for your rating and for your comment! It’s much appreciated!

Regarding the popup: could you please send me here (or at greenline@yava.ro for more privacy) a link to your page containing the map, or at least the complete map shortcode you are using? Or at least a screenshot? Maybe the content in the popup can be styled with some CSS, will see when I’ll see the example.

Thanks so much again!

I sent you an email.

Thank you very much for looking into this and giving me a solution in a timely manner. I also appreciate that you gave me a way to link to my Google Business map. This is perfect now.


sagemg Purchased

Default marker popup – limit to ONE on a map with multiple markers. Current Map shows all pop-ups, we’d like only one displayed by default.

Hi, thank you so much for your patience; I have replied to your email with details. Best regards!


info_vpc Purchased

Hi there, I´ve a problem with the installation. Every time I want to activate the plugin I get an error: “Fatal error: Cannot redeclare getStyleString() (previously declared in /mnt/webs/e3/38/54572538/htdocs/WordPress_02/wp-content/themes/beatstone/includes/_utils.php:362) in /mnt/webs/e3/38/54572538/htdocs/WordPress_02/wp-content/plugins/responsive-maps-plugin/responsive-styled-google-maps-functions.php on line 228”

Thank you!

Hi, thank you for your purchase. You might have a duplicate folder. Please log in to your web server via ftp, navigate to your wordpress installation folder to wp-content/plugins and please delete all the folders that contain in their names responsive-styled-map-plugin name, then try to install the plugin again from scratch. If this does not work, could you please mail me at greenline@yava.ro ? There might be also a conflict with the theme….thanks!

Was that helpful? If needed, I could log in to your website if the error is still there, just email me at greeenline@yava.ro In general, the plugin does not conflict with themes, unless perhaps the theme has already included the plugin….I’ll wait your reply then…

Good evening, I’d like to buy this plugin since it seems easy and I like the support you seem to give!

question: when I’ll use the plugin, the js and jquery requests to google maps will be made on every page or only on the page that contains the map? Thank you.

Hi and thank you!

The javascript and CSS are loading only on the page where the map is generated, not on all pages like with other map plugins…