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Hi, just purchased the plugin.

Settings were fairly straight forward. Have created the layout for the map, and when ready to paste the shortcode onto the page, it does it work. It comes up with a blank box.

Please assist??


No that isn’t your plugin, it’s part of the theme. I have already emailed you at yava.ro. Please check your email.

I received the email, but it only contains a screenshot. To be able to fix any issue, I need:

- the link to the live page which contains the map

- the complete, full map shortcode you are using

Thank you!

Also, in the email sent to me, you said that “Hi, I’ve purchased your google maps plugin on code canyon (I’m vivianDECL).”

So, you are using my plugin OR a theme which contains my plugin?

(could be a conflict with the theme, that is why I need the complete shortcode and the link to the live page) otherwise I can’t tell from a screenshot what could be the cause….)


Just as a side note for future buyers:

the above comments were for a website where in the end, the map wasn’t working due to another plugin named WP Touch Pro.

The client has been redirected to WP Touch Pro plugin’s author for future debugging.

This is the proof that the maps work fine on mobiles too, just check these pages:

hi how can i add the code via a template file as atm im only able to get the map to display using vc composer only by inputting the code into a text box and that page has a sidebar. i also want the map to appear at the top of the page above any content which is why it would be great to add to tpl file. in the web inspector if i move the container to the top of the page it works perfectly.

Lastly how can i add a custom marker cheers :)

annoyingly the img src has been processed into a missing image so jsut to clarrify it should be img src=” ” not img src=’ ‘


I am glad you have found a solution which works for your theme, but:

if your theme works with this piece of code:

description="<img src="http://example.com/image.png" /> another text" 

instead of this:

description="<img src="http://example.com/image.png" /> another text" 

then, it means that the theme it is poorly coded (most probably is not from themeforest where themes are quality checked).

Why? Because in this case it means, most probably that the theme manipulates the shortcodes content with a custom function in the theme’s functions.php, thing which should NEVER be made by theme developers. They should never format the output of shortcodes.

Please send this to the theme developer, he will want to code his theme correctly: https://codex.wordpress.org/Shortcode_API

This is a screenshot from the above codex, showing that single quotes are in this case the right solution (click the image to view larger):

Either ways, I am happy the issue was solved, But I am sure the theme developer will appreciate the links, so that he knows how to correct his theme.


Also, in my documentation I have not shown that single quotes should be used, but the ESCAPED SINGLE QUOTES:

This is the correct way, in fact. Which you can see is working, as in this test page based on a custom page template, using the exact shortcode from above image: http://yava.ro/test123/