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Hello, I try to embed an iframe inside the video container, everything works good but when I decide to go fullscreen it doesn’t work in Firefox and Chrome. Only Safari seems to work ok with the fullscreen iframe. Could you please help me?

Thank you so much

Hello, I’m not sure if that’s related to the menu, are you getting errors in the chrome console ?


I want to change arrow color which appears by “megamenu_drop” when i mouse hover on link. So that link text hover color and arrow color are same.

Please help us on this.


So in that case you can add a CSS rule to display another image on hover, for example :

.megamenu_dark_bar .megamenu > li .megamenu_drop:hover {
    background: ...

If you have the light menu, then :

.megamenu_light_bar .megamenu > li .megamenu_drop:hover {
    background: ...

Thank you Pixelworkshop

It help me partially , i used font awesome icon inside link ,

Because hover image does not show , when dropdown is active

Yes, this menu is quite old so using font awesome would be better for sure but there’s no CSS included by default for that.

hello is it possible to use your megamenu on shopify ?

Hi, it’s not designed or coded for shopify, I guess that it can be integrated in some way but I have no experience with this platform.

Hi, I’ve run into a ‘double tap’ requirement on iOS devices for the mobile menu. Any idea?

Hello, I know that there are plugins that can handle this type of events but I’ve not tested them in details (this one for example).

Hi! I have a question for megamenu. I have a menu with 3 level. it is possible that for the first level dropdown menu to open on click and for the second level dropdown to open on hover

Please let’s keep this conversation by email.

WHAT FUNCTION HAVE menu_show_onload?

It’s in the documentation and you could also read your emails, thanks