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I cant get javascript to control menu speed etc to work. What is likely wrong?

I have changed the values to be very large and no matter what i change the menu always pops down instantly.

Obviously this could be a result of something else on my website but i doubt it.

I have the code located in my header just below the calls to megamenu js files, css file, and jquery.

The code im changing is:

<script type=”text/javascript”> $(document).ready(function($){ $(’.megamenu’).megaMenuCompleteSet({ menu_speed_show : 1300, // Time (in milliseconds) to show a drop down menu_speed_hide : 1200, // Time (in milliseconds) to hide a drop down menu_speed_delay : 1100, // Time (in milliseconds) before showing a drop down menu_effect : ‘hover_fade’, // Drop down effect, choose between ‘hover_fade’, ‘hover_slide’, etc. menu_click_outside : 1, // Clicks outside the drop down close it (1 = true, 0 = false) menu_show_onload : 0, // Drop down to show on page load (type the number of the drop down, 0 for none) menu_responsive:1 // 1 = Responsive, 0 = Not responsive }); }); </script>

You can see my webpage at the link below:

[link removed per author request]

Hi, I’ve sent you a reply by email, thanks !

menu_responsive:0 is not working.

Hello, well that’s not the only thing to do, you also need to remove the media queries in the CSS (the whole section labelled 09 Mobile Devices).

Hi, in the demo, there is a button to open and close de navigation bar: http://demos.pixelworkshop.fr/flexinav/01-flexinav-fixed.html How can I do that? That’s the reason why I bought this plugin. Thanks

Hi, your link is referring to another product located here, that’s why you can’t find this option.

Damn… my bad :/

Hi there, what will be the difference, advantage-disadvantage between Responsive Mega Menu Complete Set and Universal Mega Menu?

Hello and thanks for your interest in my work ! The second one is more recent, so I personnally prefer it for this reason. But both offer quite similar features, I’ve written a comparison at the end of my profile page, and I’d also recommend you to test the demos on several devices / browsers (preferably without the top frame) to see exactly how they behave.

i try to upload the plugin from wordpress but is not working,(Installing Plugin from uploaded file: codecanyon-152825-responsive-mega-menu-complete-set.zip Unpacking the package…

Installing the plugin…

The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.

Plugin install failed.).

Hello, unfortunately this can’t work as this menu is not a Wordpress plugin.

We are using the theme http://themeforest.net/item/sidious-multipurpose-web-creation-tool/6526949

But this is not supporting multilevel menus in responsive mode.

Please suggest whether this plugin is compatible with the above theme so that we can purchase and use it


Hi, you should browse the Wordpress category instead, this menu is not a plugin.

Our link is http://www.sierratec.com/demo/WP_SIERRA/. We have sub menus under ‘Products’ menu. In desktop browsers this is working fine, we could able to go to products page as well as sub pages. But in mobile view we could not able to go to the product page. As soon as we clicked the ‘Products’ link this is showing the sub menus. We do not have the provision to go to ‘Products page’ as in below screen shot Could we resolve the issue using Mega Menu Complete Set.

As I said earlier, this is not a Wordpress plugin.

By :
“Use, by you or one client, in a single end product which end users are not charged for. ”,
you mean that we have to use the menu for just a single website or we can use it for multiple websites owned by one person ?

Hi, a single end product means a single “installation” if I can say so. In other words, each website would need a separate license. Unfortunately there is no license that cover this multiple usage.


maniish Purchased


We have purchased the menu and We have problem with the firefox. It do not allow us to right click on link and allow us to open in new window. It is strange as it is working in chrome and IE.

Could you please provide us resolutions asap as we made it live :).


Hello, please keep the conversation in one channel, multiple requests slow down support. I’ve replied to your emails.


maniish Purchased

ok No issue. As this was bit urgent so posted here.

I am having trouble installing the plugin. I have downloaded the zip from codecanyon as normal but get the error message “The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.” when I upload and try to install the zip. The wordpress site is fully up to date and I have done this many times before, though not ruling out doing something silly.

codecanyon-152825-responsive-mega-menu-complete-set.zip is the file, 273kB in size.


Hello, this is not a Wordpress plugin, that’s why it won’t work in this way.


dchiusa Purchased

Can you please tell me what code to change so that I can make the nav bar 100% wide but center the text in the middle.

Hello, the menu container (class .megamenu_container) width is set to 100% so all you have to do is to add these width and margins to the .megamenu :

.megamenu {
    width: 960px;
    margin:0 auto;

This centers the menu elements as a group, any other type of positionning would require complex changes in the CSS.

When using Ipad, the dropdowns open up fine, but if there are lot of links on the page under the dropdown, when you click away from the dropdown you inadvertently end up clicking some link.

What is the code that I need to put on top of each dropdown so that there is a “CLOSE” icon which when clicked would close the dropdown and return the menubar to original stage. Is there a javascrip function that closes all open dropdowns and resets the menu bar?

Hello, there’s a function that closes any visible drop down if the user clicks outside the menu area. I guess that this same function could be reused to add a close button. Otherwise it’s still possible to add a new function, it depends on how you want to handle the different types of devices (phones, tablets, desktop computers). If you’re concerned only about the ipad, you can also target specifically this device.


I’m finding that on the desktop – the menu always drops down when I hover and seems to ignore the menu effect parameter ‘open_close_fade’. I’ve also tried click_fade or click_slide or open_close_slide, nothing seems to make a difference.

I have tried also ensuring that the menu_effect variable in megamenu.js is also set to any of the click ones and it still always open on hover.

Any ideas?



Hello, I’d assume that the script is not executing properly. In Chrome, you can see errors in the console (F12), if you see anything that looks critical, then there are chances that some scripts won’t work.

Looks like it was the order in which the scripts and jquery were loading and then when click to open worked another style sheet was impacting the menu layout. Thanks for just making me think more!

Alright :)

Hi – will this work with shopify?

Hi, no because this is not a shopify app.

Hi, I been trying to get the responsive to work but it seems the mobile trigger icon stays hidden with display:none and the other list items of the navigation are not hidden, the float does change and the are listed below each other but it doesn’t hide.

What could be the problem?

The flyout menu also does not work on my responsive site. I’m Gonna message you my site link

I’ve replied by email, thanks.

Okay, but found the issue as it was the site default css, it had a few lists for “footer” and once i remove it and made the site footer to a div with a class the menu conflict stopped.


Where do I set it so the bar changes at a higher screen width? I’ve got a lot of items on the bar and when I begin to shrink the screen, the right items start to fall under, just before the bar changes. I’d like to make it change and become a responsive menu about 150px higher.

Hello, I’m afraid that it can’t be done simply, the menu has a fixed height of 46px and you can set it to any other height. Automatic won’t work because the whole menu system relies on how menu items are displayed. Changing core properties like “float” or “display” will definitely break something at some point.

I may have not explained the question very good. But my problem is that the navigation items, the list items, are floating underneath the bar for a brief time as the screen collapses. I would rather the bar just transform into the responsive style sooner than it does so these menu items don’t float under ever. This cannot be altered?

Hello, I understand better. What you need to change is the main breakpoint which is set at 767-768px. In the CSS, you can find several media queries like this :

@media only screen and (max-width:767px) {

Same in the script, you can find several lines of code that look like this :

if ($(document).width() < 768) {

What you can do is a safe copy first and then go through the CSS and script files. There you can replace all instances of the 767 – 768 values by another set, like 859 – 860.

I noticed that the Lightbox picture viewer I have falls under this navigation bar. I set the z-index of the lightbox to 9000, but the navigation bar still floats over it. Is there a way to push this behind?

Hi, the menu has a z-index of 9999, just adjust it according to your needs and it should be fine. It’s set in this way because many users had the opposite issue : they needed the menu to be displayed on top of other elements (sliders for example).

I have a drop down list item that is three words long (Start Appeal Process), and it looks fine in regular screen, but in the mobile view it breaks down and takes up two lines, even though there’s plenty of room to the right to display it on one line. Can you direct me to the CSS where I can make it fit on one line?

Hello, could you send me a link from my profile page ? Thanks !


this menu have the wordpress version?

Hi, unfortunately not, and no plans to develop this menu for Wordpress (I couldn’t find any coder interested into doing this).