Responsive FlipBook WordPress Plugin

Responsive FlipBook WordPress Plugin

From the creators of the best selling FlipBook ever, we present Responsive FlipBook WordPress Plugin. It is fully HTML & jQuery driven no Flash Player needed. Works on desktop and mobile devices! You get the same experience on every platform because responsive design makes it look good on all resolutions. Easy to customize with an advanced admin panel. With version 2.0 it has been complete rewriten from the ground up. Big Thanks to 24beyond for letting us use their brochure & magazine mockups!


Fantastic Plugin! I have been searching for a page flip plugin for wordpress and everyone i came across was either too difficult or would not work. This one was super easy to set up and had an online flip book in about 10 minutes! THANK YOU ~ LIFE SAVER !!!
- castledesign
Some words of praise too. This WP plugin is amazingly easy to use and delivers as promised, responsive flipbooks that work on any platform. [...] The usage of the “massive- panel” is extremely intuitive, and if it’s not enough, the very well documented user manual will walk you through it.

So if you’re in need of a flipbook plugin for WP, this is THE ONE to get imho :)
- ericb2038

Great plug-in and great support! I installed it last week and it did not work properly. I contacted support and they identified and resolved the problem – it was another plug-in that was forcing an earlier version of jquery. Highly recommend!
- Gmorello
I was able to setup this up quickly and without any issues. Great work guys!
- gcasesor
NICE ! – already rated it 5 Stars *

I hope everyone else feels the same :D -good luck!
- chipperson

This Plugin is selected as Top 100 Plugins for WordPress, by
- WordPressian


  • Flat & Clean design
  • WYSIWYG page editor,
  • Hard covers,
  • Batch page upload – easily create books with tones of pages,
  • Easy PDF to FlipBook – available with separate extension,
  • 4 PSD book mockups,
  • 11 predefined styles,
  • Table Of Content Generator
  • Text or icon navigation
  • Full screen mode,
  • Popup flipbook,
  • Bookshelf feature,
  • HTML and jQuery driven,
  • Responsive & retina ready,
  • Slide show,
  • Show all pages,
  • Navigation skin settings: border, color, background, radius, width, padding, margin and much more;
  • Navigation aligment setting: top, left, right, bottom;
  • Icon Select for Navigation Buttons
  • WPML support,
  • 2 Table of content styles
  • Table Of Content Shortcode
  • 5 Navigation arrows positions
  • Book Always open feature – no need to design covers
  • Add link to a page
  • Full Screen background settings: background color + opacity
  • Multiple books on single page,
  • Easy setup through advanced admin panel, no need for programing knowledge
  • Inserted to post/pages through shortcode wizard no need to copy/paste
  • Double pages,
  • Automatic Page numeration with display options
  • Easy page styling with HTML & CSS,
  • Works the same on desktop & mobile devices,
  • Batch images upload,
  • Preview pages in panel,
  • Import/export settings,
  • Fullscreen view,
  • Single page zoom,
  • Unique URL for each page,
  • No Flash Player needed,
  • Clean and simple design,
  • Resizable book – downscales to fit the device resolution,
  • Perfect tool for presenting content,
  • Keyboard support (use arrows to turn pages),
  • One flip book per page (not domain),
  • All Shortcodes mapped for Visual Composer
  • 1000+ icons,
  • 650+ Google Fonts for Headings / Content / Pagination / Table of Content,
  • Well documented,

Change Log

15/05/2015 - Version 2.1.0
- NEW FEATURE: Page Turn Sounds
- NEW FEATURE: Download Button
- NEW FEATURE: Extensions Panel
- NEW FEATURE: Page Linking functionality
- IMPROVED: Wordpress 4.2.2 
- IMPROVED: Performance
- IMPROVED: Compability with Themes & Plugins
- IMPROVED: Code Optimization
- IMPROVED: Mobile Zoom with Touch
- FIXED: Feature Image issue
- FIXED: Mobile Page display
- FIXED: Icons display with some themes
- FIXED: Main Navigation display for Force Open
- FIXED: Aside Navigation centering
- FIXED: 1px Gap between pages
- FIXED: IE9 margin issue

20/04/2015 - Version 2.0
- NEW FEATURE: 4 New PSD Book Mockups
- NEW FEATURE: 9 Predefined Book / UI Styles
- NEW FEATURE: Bookshelf Shortcode
- NEW FEATURE: Popup Shortcode
- NEW FEATURE: All Shortcodes mapped for Visual Composer
- NEW FEATURE: Hard Covers
- NEW FEATURE: Navigation Style Wizard with predefined styles
- NEW FEATURE: Navigation Settings: border, font, size, color, radius, padding, margins and much more
- NEW FEATURE: Text Navigation
- NEW FEATURE: Four Navigation Positions ( bottom, top, aside left, aside right )
- NEW FEATURE: Navigation Compact Mode
- NEW FEATURE: Left & Right Arrow can be grouped with Navbar
- NEW FEATURE: Icon Select for Navigation Buttons
- NEW FEATURE: 1000+ Icons Integrated 
- NEW FEATURE: Automatic Page numeration with display options
- NEW FEATURE: 650+ Google Fonts for Headings / Content / Pagination / Table of Content
- NEW FEATURE: Second Style for Table of Content
- NEW FEATURE: Always Open option, no need to display book cover
- NEW FEATURE: WYSIWYG editor for HTML content
- NEW FEATURE: Two WYSIWYG editors for double pages
- NEW FEATURE: Table of Content generator
- NEW FEATURE: Page Title for Table of Content generator
- NEW FEATURE: Fullscreen background settings: color & opacity
- NEW FEATURE: Page can link to custom hyperlink
- NEW FEATURE: Drag & Drop Sortable for pages
- NEW FEATURE: Slide Show Speed Setting
- NEW FEATURE: Automatic Book Naming 
- IMPROVED: Page Previews
- IMPROVED: Wordpress 4.1 compatibility
- IMPROVED: Multisite Support
- IMPROVED: Front-end Performance
- IMPROVED: Back-end Performance
- IMPROVED: Options Panel Rewrite 
- IMPROVED: PO Translations
- IMPROVED: Browsers Support
- IMPROVED: Grid Page View
- IMPROVED: Show All Pages Rewrite
- IMPROVED: Zoom Feature
- IMPROVED: Navigation elements sorting, now with drag & drop
- IMPROVED: Import / Export 
- IMPROVED: Batch Images Import
- IMPROVED: New Media Uploader
- IMPROVED: Mobile & Responsive behavior
- IMPROVED: Brand New Documentation 
- FIXED: Slide Show Looping
- FIXED: Zoom Scrolling
- FIXED: Zoom Fading Issue
- FIXED: Zoom Scaling
- FIXED: Show All Pages alignment & display
- FIXED: HTML Book Styling
- FIXED: Background Image Alignment
- FIXED: WP Themes Integration
- FIXED: First Book Creation Issue
- FIXED: Page Order Issue
- FIXED: Color Picker
- FIXED: Removing Books Issue
- FIXED: Page Preview Display
- FIXED: Bulk Upload Display Issue
- FIXED: Display issues in Front-end
- FIXED: Other small issues

24/04/2014 - Version 1.3.3
- Wordpress 3.9 compatibility
- panel improvements

02/09/2013 - Version 1.3.2
- fixed fatal error on some servers.

30/08/2013 - Version 1.3.1
- import/export fixed.

28/08/2013 - Version 1.3
- rewrited parts of Flip Books Panel,
- fixed max_imput_vars issues,
- added page custom CSS,
- added IE8 support,
- added batch image upload,
- added import/export settings,
- added page preview in panel,
- added fullscreen mode,
- added zoom out button,
- minor and major fixes and improvements.

22/04/2013 - Version 1.2.8
- fixed adding new pages.

18/04/2013 - Version 1.2.7
- fixed thumbnails preview,
- fixed links on pages.

6/03/2013 - Version 1.2.6
- zip currepted fixed,
- path fix.

5/03/2013 - Version 1.2.5
- thumbs fix.

4/03/2013 - Version 1.2.4
- IE fix,
- bug fixes.

10/01/2013 - Version 1.2.3
- last page bug fix,
- shadow behavior fixed,
- arrows behavior fixed,
- mobile appearance improved,
- book position fix.

18/12/2012 - Version 1.2.2
- html content columns fix,
- html content fix,
- ESC zoom out fix,
- arrows navigation on zoom added.

12/12/2012 - Version 1.2.1
- wp 3.5 bug fix

7/12/2012 - Version 1.2
- admin panel fixes,
- zoom bug fix,
- next arrow bug fix,
- many minor bug fixes.

21/11/2012 - Version 1.1.1
- admin panel bug fix

9/11/2012 - Version 1.1
- zoom upgrade,
- admin panel bug fix,
- responsive fix,
- auto deleting books fix, 
- minor bug fixes,
- admin panel functionality improvements,
- admin panel design improvements.

18/05/2012 - Version 1.0
- release

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  • our previous flip book is second top selling items on ActiveDen ever,
  • we give as much support as we can,
  • we are available for freelance work,

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