Reside Rental Property Management

Reside Rental Property Management

Easy to get started, everything you need to grow your Rental Property Business. Reside is simple and fun to use – just log in, and start adding in your Properties and Tenants.

Reside includes a modern flat & simple template based on Bootstrap that is easy to customize.

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Change Log:

Minor Update: November 27 2013
- Added New Language Files (Swedish and Norwegian).
- Fixed Site Alert's displaying on receipts all the time.
- Limited Property Leases to Properties the Admin/Landlord is assigned to.
- Changed the way the database tables save data.

Major Update: November 20 2013
- Reside now uses Twitter’s Bootstrap version 3.0.2
- Built using Frameworx.
- LOCALIZATION friendly! Just two php pages to translate.
- Tenants & Admins now log in with their account email. No more forgotten usernames.
- Admin/Landlord Accounts — Assign Properties to Specific Admins.
- Admins/Landlords can only view/update Properties & related pages assigned to them.
- Mass email all Active Tenants.
- Reports completely reworked with new reports & options.
- Account customizations with Admin & Tenant Avatars.
- Improved calculations throughout Reside.
- Clean, well commented code with less pages then previous versions.
- PayPal Rental Payments are now included. Tenants now have a greater selection of option to pay their rent.
- Tenants can now self-register accounts - great option for Tenants looking to rent a Property. Register, activate, and submit a rental application. Easy!
- Potential Tenants can view all available Properties and info about the property.