Reside Rental Property Management

Reside Rental Property Management

New Version 3

New Front-End and Tons of New Features

Manage and store everything about your Rental Properties Tenants, Leases, Payments and Service Requests.

New Front-End and Tons of New Features

Record payments and late fees, print receipts and track Service Call expenses in an easy to application.

Choose from pre-designed letters & templates or upload your own for future use.

Choose from pre-designed letters & templates or upload your own for future use.

All ready using Reside? Easily import your existing data into Reside V.3.

Reside includes Google Maps for your Properties and Contact Forms. Easily set the Map data for each property, and in the Site Settings.

Manage exactly what your Admins and Managers can access. Easy to understand and set, Admin Authorizations have been the number 1 request from buyers.

Change the content your guests and tenants see on the front-end as you need. The new Site Content makes this easy.

Reside now includes Site Activity Logs that record all actions by Tenants and Admins/Managers. See who is doing what inside Reside. This allows for total accountability.

One Language file to translate. Dates and currency formats are easier then ever to adjust to your needs.

Reside includes a web-based installation that makes installing Reside quick. Just create a database, run the installer and you are set to log in and start using Reside.

Easy to get started and use, Reside is a simple, easy to use, web-based Property Management Application written in PHP/MySQLi and jQuery. Reside is fun to use – just log in, and start adding in your Properties and Tenants.

Front-End Features

Customizable Home Page Slider
Featured Properties
Google Maps
Contact Us Form
Employee Public Profiles with Contact Form
View All Available Properties Page
About Us Page
Rental Application Page
Date & Weather Widget

Registered User Features

Simple Sign Up, Sign In and Account Password Recovery
User Profile Manager
Tenants can make PayPal Payments through their account
Payment History for ALL leases (past and present)
View Info and Details on the Tenant’s current Leased Property
Resident Accounts
Residents have the same access as the Primary Tenant to the Leased Property
Much More

Admin Features

Full Administration area to manage all Properties, Service Requests, Tenants, Admins, Users and Site Settings
Unlimited User Accounts
Deactivate & Activate Users as needed
Admin only area to manage All Registered Users
Create & Manage User Accounts
Full control over settings used throughout Reside
Full suite of Reporting options
Export Reports to PDF or CSV
Much More

Reside Features

Fully Documented & Clean Code
HTML Based Email Notifications
Upload Files to both Properties and Tenants
No Frameworks used, Reside is fully hand coded from start to finish
Easy to use web-based installation & set-up
Translation ready via Localization files
Reside is Built using Bootstrap 3.3.4 & Fontawesome 4.3.0
Export any Table Data to PDF, CSV or Print
Reside REQUIRES PHP 5.3+ & MySQLi Connection, mcrypt_encrypt / mcrypt_decrypt and imagecreatefrompng (PNG Image Support)
I put a ton of love into this update, and think it is one of the best items I have on Code Canyon
Much More, check out the demo to see all that Reside has to offer

Reside Demo

Take a look through Reside’s demo. Try out the different accounts and see how everything works.

Take the guesswork out. See Reside's documentation before buying.

Buyer Ratings and Feedback.

I believe in providing the best support possible.

Change Log:

Minor Update: September 26, 2015

Update Details:
1. Fixed the bug that was not saving the Resident to a Leased Property
2. Updated the CSS that styled h3 elements to allow for multi-lines
3. Fixed the Weather Widget Bug not always showing the correct location
4. Added a check for Duplicate Property Names
5. changed the About Us page to not display Disabled Admin/Manager accounts
6. Added in additional email notifications to assigned managers when a Tenant creates a new Service Request




If you have all ready translated any of the localization files, just copy/paste the new
localizations at the bottom of the updated language file to you translated file.
DO NOT over-write your file, or all translations will be lost.
Minor Update: August 06, 2015

Update Details:
1. Fixed the bug that was not saving the Pets Allowed status on the Property View in the Admin's side.
2. Fixed a bug when deleting an unleased tenant on the View Unleased and View Archived Tenants page.

Minor Update: August 04, 2015

Update Details:
1. Fixed the Sign In link on the activate.php page
2. Corrected a bug that was causing the "RENT RECEIVED FOR" to show duplicates on the Admin's Dashboard
3. Upgraded datatables to version 2.2.4 - fixing the Export to CSV bug



July 26th, 2015
Small bug fix - capitalization error in a file name. Please download the latest version.
July/August 2015
- Initial V.3 Release